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TURBOLOCK TL117 Smart Lock with Keypad, Voice Prompts


  • KEYLESS ENTRY YOU CONTROL — No more losing keys or lockouts. Easily grant access through 10 programmable passcodes.
  • CONFIDENT SECURITY — Voice prompts guide you through the use of the TL116, letting you control your home security.
  • PASSCODE DISGUISE — Protect your passcode from prying eyes. Key in up to 12 extra digits before or after your real code.
  • QUICK, EASY INSTALLATION — Our high-security door lock comes with all the tools needed to easily retrofit on most standard and thicker doors up to 2.215 inches.
  • GOLD STANDARD SERVICE — TurboLock electronic door lock is backed by a one-year limited warranty.
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Welcome to a more secured you. The TL117 Smartbolt from TURBOLOCK® is designed for people who require effective simplicity that delivers security and control without sacrificing style. Unlock your door with your phone, the digital keypad or physical key. Create and share eKeys with those you trust: friends, family members, coworkers — even maintenance workers and service providers. All without stressing over lost or stolen keys. And the TURBOLOCK PLUS app adds another layer of controlled convenience. After all, that’s the TURBOLOCK promise: Security without stress. 

Absolute control is yours. Generate and share an unlimited amount of permanent or temporary eKeys via the TURBOLOCK PLUS app. Or use the physical keys to unlock the door. This flexibility makes the TL117 ideal for residential homeowners, small business owners, rental property management and short-term rental hosts (e.g., AirBnB). And you’ll receive instant notification from the app when an eKey is used. More importantly, the TL117 locks when you tell it to 

No smartphone? No internet? No problem! Simply use your master code to create and modify up to nine user keycodes directly on the keypad itself. Keypad passcodes are stored in the lock’s internal memory. So access can be granted at any time, regardless of connectivity. And with over one million possible combinations, you’ll never have to worry about an intruder guessing your entry code or repeating previous passcodes. And should someone try — a fail — to input the correct passcode, the lock goes into Security Lockout Mode for five minutes. 

The TL117 programmable deadbolt’s Code Disguise feature adds additional safeguards to protect your entry access, making it harder for nosy neighbors and prying eyes to discern your actual password. Enter any combination up to 12 digits when you enter your code. So long as the sequence contains the correct passcode, the door will unlock. E.g., if your passcode is 038060, then 12038060765 will unlock the TL117. This unique feature adds another level of security to your access codes, making them harder for unwanted parties to see your actual code.   

Our Bluetooth-enabled smartbolt works with left- and right-handed doors. It can fit thicker doors, between 1.375 and 2.125 inches (35 mm to 53.9 mm) with adjustable 2.375-inch to 2.75-inch backset to fit all standard door preparations. And the TL117 digital deadbolt is easy to install. With minimal tools and virtually no fuss, you’ll be locked and secured in minutes. and works with doors that are left- or right-side handling. But for those who want extra guidance, we do have a video install guide to help you. 

We understand that security and privacy shouldn’t be premium. Now with the TL117 Smartbolt, it won’t be. Peace of mind for you, your family, your employees and your property, is within reach. 

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Bronze, Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze

User Manual

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130 reviews for TURBOLOCK TL117 Smart Lock with Keypad, Voice Prompts

  1. STEEL5757

    I have a smart lock installed on my front door that allows me to share a code with someone to gain access even if I’m not there. The code can be set to last for any desired duration. This is particularly useful for my young teenage children who tend to lose keys frequently.

  2. Catherine Hoang

    Installing this lock is easier than you might think! Since I was replacing a deadbolt, I didn’t need to drill a new hole. When you follow the step-by-step instructions, the installation should take about 30-40 minutes. The instructions also include tips for troubleshooting along the way, so you can catch any mistakes early on. You can even choose who has admin access and who is just a member. Each family member needs to sync their phone to the lock, but they can still use the keypad or physical key in the meantime. I highly recommend this product – you’ll feel proud once you’ve finished the installation!

  3. Nikki

    The Bluetooth door lock is amazing! I don’t need to get out of bed to check if all the doors are locked because I can check and lock them from my phone. The lock has multiple codes, which is great for tracking who enters the house and at what times. I don’t need to give out extra keys anymore, and my husband loves it because he can go for a run without worrying about carrying his keys. The only issue was that the key that came with the lock was wrong, so we had to get a new one from a locksmith. Other than that, it’s been a fantastic experience!

  4. Girl Friday

    The installation of this product was simple and hassle-free as it fit perfectly with my current door. Additionally, a video was provided to assist with the installation process. However, only time will determine the longevity and effectiveness of the product. I will provide updates if any changes occur.

  5. st1gma

    We’re really pleased with the lock we installed. The installation guide was simple to follow, despite our door opening inwards and the example pictures showing outward-opening doors. Luckily, we were able to easily change this with the app. One great thing about the lock is how versatile it is – some of us use the keypad, while others prefer the fob. And the auto-lock feature gives us peace of mind, since we don’t have to worry about forgetting to lock up when we leave. The only thing we wish we could do is buy extra fobs as an add-on.

  6. nick

    This app is very user-friendly and can be easily assembled and activated. It is designed for effortless usage and navigation, making it accessible to everyone. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this app can be easily operated without any hassle.

  7. Pumpkin2472

    I’m really enjoying this smart lock so far. I’m not very handy, but installing it was easy and straightforward. The instructions were clear and the lock can fit multiple sizes of doors and holes. My favorite feature is that I can easily change or disable codes since I travel frequently for work and need to give access to friends and hired help. I used to be nervous about sharing a key or code that could be reused, but the app allows me to control and track everything. I even set up the NFC feature for easy, keyless entry with my phone. The app is user-friendly and allows for remote access, but make sure to set it up before programming the code to avoid any complications. The modern and sleek design looks great in any home, whether it’s updated or older. Overall, this is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and user-friendly smart lock.

  8. Sean Edwards

    The lock is great! My husband and I are thrilled about it. We can remotely unlock it for our cleaning and pet care people by creating a password for them and some family members. We are still working on figuring out how to connect it with Alexa, but overall we are happy with how it looks.

  9. Just-can’t-stop-shopping

    The lock is great and easy to install, but I had trouble pairing it with Bluetooth at first. I had to do it a few times, but now it works perfectly and I haven’t had any problems since.

  10. Mr. Bill S

    This product is simple to install, set up and use. However, a few issues have been reported with the codes not working properly, which may be due to user mistakes. We are currently monitoring the situation to determine whether the product is functional overall or requires replacement.

  11. A product tester

    Installing this device is simple and straightforward. In fact, the process was easier than removing my old deadbolt. Additionally, the set up on your phone is quick and hassle-free.

  12. The Chief

    The Fit Great lock is a fantastic product that is simple to install and operates flawlessly. What I particularly appreciate is the option to unlock it through three different methods. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with this purchase.

  13. Kiki D. Yamashita

    The installation process for this product was a bit challenging, but after some help from a few individuals and careful reading of the directions, it became easier. The important thing was to download the app, which guided the programming steps and setting up of multiple users. The product offers various options, such as temporary code assignment for others, using a personal code, or a fob for access. Additionally, locking it quickly on your way out is as simple as pressing a single button. This product is worth purchasing because it does not require frequent charging as it uses minimal battery.

  14. jw.hunter

    Setting up the bluetooth was easy, but removing the black cover off the lock required an extra step of unscrewing the inside screw that holds it in place.

  15. Joseph camodeca

    It was surprisingly simple to install this smart lock. Although it seems like advanced technology, it’s actually very easy to use. I appreciate being able to unlock my door simply by waving the key card in front of it or by using the digital touch pad when I forget my key. With this lock, I feel confident that no one can enter my home without my permission. I highly recommend this smart lock to everyone, even your mother! Say goodbye to the hassle of using a physical key and hello to the convenience of a smart lock.

  16. meltx76

    This dead bolt lock is incredibly convenient, especially for parents with young children. With the ability to unlock the door from your phone, you can easily enter your home without fumbling with keys while holding a sleeping baby. Installation is simple and there are multiple ways to unlock, including keys, key fobs, and an unlock code. The keyless option is preferred by many and the lock has a sleek design that adds to the aesthetic appeal of your entryway. Overall, this lock is highly recommended for anyone looking for a secure and easy entry option.

  17. Zineb

    This lock is expensive, but it is worth it because it is high quality and has many features. Even though I only use a few of the features for my household, it would be perfect for someone who has a rental or vacation property. You can change the codes often and even open the lock with your phone when you are not there. It is easy to install, and the instructions are clear. Overall, the lock works great!

  18. Mountain Lady

    I tried two different types of locks, Schlage and TurboLock, but they both had problems with condensation if you live in an area with morning dew and afternoon sunlight. To fix this, you can apply a sealant, like RTV silicone, to the areas that press against the door but not the battery compartment. Be careful with the moving parts in the central cylinder when applying the sealant. Try either opening and closing or leaving the cylinder in a specific position while the sealant cures. If you don’t apply a sealant, you might experience dead batteries or intermittent functionality within six months to a year. Check for moisture on the battery lid to know if there’s a problem, and if there is, take everything apart and dry it before reinstalling. Good luck!

  19. Liu Yilin

    The person is updating their review of a product they previously reviewed. They have a Moto Z4 phone that uses droid technology, but they couldn’t update the firmware. They were able to update the firmware using their nephew’s iPhone and now the lock is working. However, they still think the process was not worth it and will not buy the product again. They had trouble upgrading the firmware and tried resetting the lock, deleting and reinstalling the app, but nothing worked. It took a while to reach support and the person was asked about what they had done and when they installed the lock. The support person replaced the unit, but the new one also does not work. The person had a locksmith install the lock.


    To program a new combination, you need to use the app on your phone. This means that you cannot program it without the app. It may take some time to figure out how to use the app, but once you do, you will be able to program the new combination easily.

  21. Lynp639

    So easy to install and set up!

  22. Wayland K.

    If you already have a TurboLock lock, it’s easy to install, and you’ll like its rekey feature because it works with existing keys. However, some people have complained that the Bluetooth is slow to recognize their phone, so it’s faster to use the code to unlock the door. The autolock feature is useful because it keeps your door locked at all times.

  23. Swanlady

    easy to install and works great

  24. Cait

    The lock system is impressive even though I haven’t installed it yet because it requires drilling the door which is a big job. However, I was able to test it out and everything works perfectly. I like that it can be opened in many different ways – with a key (2 are included), an RFID tag (also 2), a passcode, or even an app! This makes it perfect for AirBnB and VRBO properties. All the tools and screws needed for mounting are included, but you will need a standard screwdriver.

  25. rickey

    This smart lock is amazing! I’ve tried many different types, but this one is definitely one of the best. It’s really strong and looks very modern. Plus, it comes with a keychain that lets you unlock or lock it automatically. You can also use your phone or key codes. The best part is that you don’t need any special tools to install it – no cutting or power tools required.

  26. HiuChing C

    I had a similar Schlage keyless deadbolt at my old place and wanted to install one in my new home. I’m so happy with my choice of this one because I actually like it more than my old Schlage. One of my favorite features is the ability to create additional pins easily through my online account. The installation process was also super easy, especially if you use the app which guides you through every step. Don’t worry if you’re unsure about installing it, it’s really not a big deal. If I can do it, so can you! I would definitely purchase this model again.

  27. karen

    I really appreciated the attention to detail in the instructions for this lock. Every part was labeled, which made it easy to follow the steps without confusion. I don’t have much experience installing locks, so it took me longer than someone who is good at putting things together. However, if you are handy, you should have no problem finishing faster than I did. One thing I especially liked about this lock is that no extra drilling was required. I had previously purchased a similar Bluetooth lock from a different company, and the instructions were not clear about this. TurboLock seems to really understand user experience. The only minor issue I had was that there were separate paper manuals and a compliance card, which could have been combined into one. Overall, I am excited to see how this lock holds up over time!


    I bought this item because we have multiple kids who often forget to lock the door or misplace their keys. I am guilty of the same as well. It has been working exceptionally well for us thus far!

  29. Nieves ceballos

    I bought a lock after trying to save money on a cheaper version from a website. But the cheaper version was terrible, so I returned it and bought this one, which is much better. It has metal or heavy plastic components inside, unlike the cheap one which was all plastic. I didn’t have high expectations for it, and the box was badly damaged when it arrived, but I was pleasantly surprised by how good the lock is.

  30. Elizabilisa

    This product is easy to install and takes less than 15 minutes. I love that I can use my old key with this lock. The app works well, but there isn’t much information available. To add multiple phones, you need to create separate accounts. The first account is the main one, and you can authorize the others from there. The lock is a bit noisy and it may be loud if you come home in the middle of the night.

  31. james jones

    I recently installed a new TurboLock Aura and the installation instructions were the most thorough I’ve ever seen. The instructions were step by step with pictures showing the correct and incorrect ways to install each component. Each screw and part was individually labeled with ID numbers to make following the instructions even easier. I was able to uninstall and install the new lock in less than an hour. Setting up the bluetooth connectivity with my smartphones and iPads was a breeze thanks to the online instructions. The lock looks amazing, so much so that I even painted the door to make it look like a whole new installation. The lock is brushed nickel, even though it looks golden in the picture. Adding new users is simple and I can keep track of who comes and goes. The only downside is that the remote system only works when you’re pretty close to the lock.

  32. Natalie

    I bought this lock because it has a TurboLock smart key feature and looks good. All my other locks are TurboLock smart key locks which are easy to rekey. Installing the lock is a bit tricky, so be careful. There’s a warning in small font on step four about using the right screws for the interior assembly. My lock didn’t come with the right screws and using the wrong ones can cause the assembly to jam. If this happens, you may need to take it apart and clean the gearbox. The app isn’t amazing, but I only wanted to set one code. If you want a more connected lock, this may not be the right one for you.

  33. Harry

    I recently installed this gadget on a side door in my new house. The Bluetooth feature is amazing as it makes it very easy to add or remove user codes. I like the Bluetooth feature, and I don’t want my house lock connected to the internet for security reasons. I might replace the one on my front door with this gadget at some point. I’ve used similar gadgets in my rental properties for years, but without the Bluetooth feature. It’s great that it has a keypad and an app that works perfectly!

  34. Yvy Ruiz-Silva

    This keyless entry system is very frustrating to use. It frequently jams and makes a very loud noise that can be heard by my neighbors in the condo. While it looks nice and worked well in the beginning, it has become unreliable in the last few months, often jamming for no apparent reason. Overall, I find it obnoxious and would not recommend it.

  35. Gozs

    The product was simple to install on the door. The app setup was straightforward to follow. The locking mechanism is highly effective.

  36. Sopiha,C

    This keypad deadbolt is a great tool for security and convenience. It’s strong and simple to set up, and you can enter your home using a key, an electronic fob, a pass code, or even your smartphone. You can also give others access with their cell phone, even if you’re not there. You can easily add and remove pass codes using your smartphone. It looks modern and sleek, with a backlit keypad that’s easy to use.

  37. LiveWithTech

    I wanted to switch from a regular deadbolt to a keypad lock so I wouldn’t have to carry my house key while exercising on nearby trails – one less thing to worry about losing. I initially considered a wi-fi smart lock, but reviews mentioning it not being compatible with certain routers turned me off. After researching more, I found out that lock companies only have a limited list of compatible routers/modems. Since I don’t need to unlock my condo from my phone, I opted for a Bluetooth-enabled lock. I like the Bluetooth feature because I can still use the app to configure settings and program keypad codes for visitors. The real buttons were a plus for me since the flat, shiny keypads used by some of my neighbors have smudges where the corresponding numbers must be part of their code. The TurboLock model I chose has a relatively loud motor, but it doesn’t bother me since I live in a condo where the hallways are inside. The electronic setup and app usage were easy, although I hired a locksmith to install it since I’m not handy. The battery life has been great for me, and I’ve been using it 4-6 times a day for about 6 weeks without any noticeable battery drain. All in all, I think the Bluetooth TurboLock is a great solution for those who just need a keypad lock and don’t need remote access or ultra-quiet operation.

  38. Shavon

    This lock works really well and was easy to install. It also looks good and does what it’s supposed to. I would buy it again, but it’s kind of expensive and it would be nice if it had wifi. The Bluetooth App is a cool feature, but you can only use it if you’re close by. All things considered, it’s a really good purchase.

  39. Rob J

    This product is easy to install, however, it can be difficult to hold the small screws. Some people have mentioned that the lock is loud when it locks and unlocks, but I personally enjoy this feature. The mobile application is user-friendly and I appreciate the ability to unlock the door for guests from a different floor and hear that the lock is functioning properly.

  40. Alejandro Doncel Sanchez

    This product is of exceptional quality and is easy to install. However, the only negative aspect of the product is that the lock can be quite noisy.

  41. ChristopherChristopher

    This is a great working lock, I just wish the numbers were backlit.

  42. Lizette

    I just got my new TurboLock lock and it was very easy to install. The instructions are provided through the Android or iOS app on your phone and it took me less than 20 minutes to install. I had to remove the existing deadbolt on the door, but it was still very easy. The app also makes it easy to create user profiles for all family members and even temporary codes for guests who need to use the bathroom. This is a great lock for anyone who wants keyless access that is simple to set up and install. I’m definitely going to buy another one for the garage door.

  43. Cal & Aly

    I really like the fobs or codes that come with this product. Installing it was simple once I lined it up with the existing handle. The added security features are great! However, programming the codes was a bit confusing at first. After a few tries, it became easier to do. I particularly like the fobs because you can keep them in a safe place, making it more convenient than entering codes, especially if you have hand issues. I highly recommend this product!

  44. Ken W

    I found it very easy to replace my old deadbolt with this lock. The app setup process was also very simple, and I really like the controls available on the app. Overall, I am very satisfied with this purchase.

  45. Kwal

    We bought a new lock that can connect to Bluetooth because our old one couldn’t. It was really easy to set up and now we can easily add or remove codes for people to access our house. We also really like the time limit feature, which is useful for our pet sitter or neighbors who need to come in when we’re not home.

  46. Robert S

    The device is functioning properly, but it would greatly improve its usability if it had a backlight feature.

  47. lori

    I created a code and some backups for my door lock that I can give to others if needed. The lock is a bit noisy, but it has been reliable. I didn’t want a lock that connects to the internet, but using Bluetooth to manage it is useful without the added risks. I hardly use the app, so if you don’t need it for setup, you can save money by getting a basic keypad lock. If you want a full smart lock experience, look for a different option.

  48. Kristina

    I fell in love with a lock while house sitting for my friends. We bought the exact same one and installed it easily over the weekend. I love that it was simple to set up and use through the app, making it convenient for entering and leaving the house. Although it was less expensive than other options I looked at, I’m not sure how long it will last before we need to replace the batteries or if the lock breaks. One downside is that it didn’t come with a non-locking handle in the package, so we had to purchase that separately.

  49. website Customer

    The setup instructions are not clear or accurate, but the system works well and is a significant improvement. Installing the system was straightforward, but it may take some time, so please be patient during the process.

  50. Gabriel L

    This product functions properly and is available at an affordable price. It is also easy to install.

  51. Christina

    After using this lock for some time, I can confidently say that it has some issues. Although I initially bought it to match my other locks and rekey it, I have had to replace the batteries frequently, even after trying different brands. When the batteries do work, the lock itself works well. However, the battery issue has become so frustrating that I have gone back to using traditional keys. I have had other electronic locks in the past, but this particular one has been a disappointing purchase. While it is possible that the lock is faulty, I would not recommend spending money on another one.

  52. Rodena Clowry

    This smart lock is amazing and the best one I have ever used. It has four ways to unlock it: keys, numbered combination, a smartphone app, and NFC devices. It even comes with its own NFC tag, but you can use any other NFC device like a credit card to unlock it. Installing it was easy and only took 10 minutes with a Phillips head screwdriver, but you have to buy your own batteries. The app is also great to add other users or issue e-keys for one-time or recurring access.

  53. Chris

    I got this backup lock for the backdoor of my rental property. The main lock is connected to Airbnb and automatically sends an entry code to guests during their stay. However, I wanted a backup just in case the main lock fails. This lock works great and is very easy to use. Even my cleaners, handyman, and landscaper find it easy to use and rely on it.

  54. S.A.Lady22

    This is a step-by-step video that teaches you how to set up something easily. I had trouble setting up a different brand, so I decided to purchase this one instead.

  55. Jim

    This product is easy to install and replaces the need for keys, though you have the option to use the keys it comes with. It has a convenient “smart key” feature that allows you to copy other keys you have for other locks in your home, so you only need to carry one key. The keypad feature is great, you simply program it, close the door, and hit the “lock icon” to lock it. To unlock, you enter your code. If it’s dark outside, the keypad illuminates when you press the “lock icon.” The Bluetooth function is also useful, allowing you to lock and unlock the door using the TurboLock app on your mobile device.

  56. chenshuhuang

    The installation of the product was easy and hassle-free. There’s no need to drill holes on your door, and it fastens securely. I appreciate how it looks and the convenience of using the app. However, I was not aware that I needed to purchase an additional device to operate it remotely. The low price of the product comes with the condition that you have to spend around $30 more to access full remote control. That’s why I didn’t give it a perfect rating. Overall, I still think it’s awesome, and I’ll update if I encounter any issues in the future.

  57. Shoaib Madar

    This product made from plants is simple to install and I really like it. I plan on buying another one for my front door that has handles.

  58. Pablo M.

    This smart lock is extremely simple to install, and I was able to do it by myself in just 20 minutes. It works very well and is highly efficient. However, I did not realize that it is not compatible with Alexa, which is a minor disappointment. Overall, it is still a fantastic lock.

  59. Wilda

    I’m struggling to understand a scientific article on quantum mechanics because it’s full of technical terms that are hard to follow. Could someone help me out by explaining it in simpler language? I’d really appreciate it!

  60. SAC

    This lock is easy to use and works well with your phone. It’s also affordable

  61. Ruth M Parr

    Easy to install and works well.

  62. edwin Koehler

    The lock was easy to install and works really well. We used a passcode to allow a guest to enter for a set period of time and the process went smoothly without any issues.

  63. Shanetta DIY Life

    I wanted a keypad to unlock my door instead of using keys because it’s more convenient. I found one that met my needs. It was easy to install and works really well.

  64. Donald W. Pischke

    This product was supposed to be a good solution for my needs, but it gave me a lot of trouble. It’s a Bluetooth, key, and keypad deadbolt that I wanted to replace my old lock for less than $100. The initial installation was OK, but the deadbolt didn’t slide smoothly, so I had to remove and adjust it twice. Then I discovered that the non-key feature didn’t work properly, and I had to call customer service three times without getting much help. They suggested I buy another unit and return the faulty one. The second one worked fine, and I’m happy with it.

  65. Melinda

    Programming the app was initially difficult, although the installation process was simple. We will continue to use the app, though we are not impressed with its features yet. However, once we paired it with the G2 smart lock, it worked splendidly. Now, the app displays whether the door is open or closed, and having Google Home as an additional convenience is excellent. Note that Google Home typically needs to be purchased separately. I contacted the seller, who provided assistance with the smart lock Gateway, and shipping was fast. Overall, we’re happy with the app’s performance so far.

  66. DOUG T.

    This smart door lock is very convenient and easy to use. You can replace all your deadbolt entries with it such as your garage, front door, and back door. You can unlock it by typing in a code, using an app, or flashing an RFID key. This lock also allows you to unlock it remotely and grant access codes, while also setting up improper pin lockouts. You can control it with an app and access an online gateway from your computer. It’s easy to install and comes with two fobs that can be programmed up to 1,000 of them. Lastly, you get a set of physical keys that can be used as a backup. Overall, it’s a great value and I highly recommend it.

  67. julia bongiovanni

    Before my knee replacement surgery, I had two locks installed on my front and back doors. I did this so that my friends could visit me and help me out with my mobility issues. Though installing the locks was too difficult for me, I asked someone more knowledgeable to do it for me.

  68. KarenRyczek

    This product made it easy for me to replace my old lock that I couldn’t control because it was programmed by the previous owners. Instead of taking apart the old lock, I decided to get this one because it allows everyone in my family to have their own code. You can control it through an app using Bluetooth, and there’s no wireless access on this model, which is fine for me. The TurboLock system also helped me replace four keys with just one, making it easier to keep track of our keys. Overall, this product simplified our key situation and made our lives easier.

  69. Aidan McMurry

    This door has 4 different ways to open it, which is great. Even if the battery dies, there is still a key option available. I personally had a little difficulty installing it due to my limited hand mobility, but it should be easy for most people to do.


    I bought this thing a year ago but only just set it up today. The batteries it came with still worked perfectly. It was easy to install and the instructions were clear. Updating the software and setting it up was also easy because the onscreen instructions were straightforward. The device worked as expected.

  71. Jo Olivas

    If you’re someone who likes to go for walks but doesn’t want to take your keys with you, then this product is perfect for you! It’s really easy to install with clear instructions, and has multiple ways to unlock it – using a key, a fob or a code. Plus, it even has an auto-locking option so you never have to worry about forgetting to lock up. On top of all that, it has a really stylish and modern design, so it’ll look great in any home.

  72. Michael m.

    I wanted to wait before giving my review because I wanted to use it for some time. The app makes setting up the device very easy. It’s been about 9 months since I got it, and both of mine are still working perfectly without any issues. I didn’t want to spend over $400 on a device that requires an app to work.

  73. James

    I have been a fan of digital door locks ever since I installed one for my school-age son, who would often forget his house key. After ten years, my old lock was failing and I wanted a new one that could hold multiple unlock codes and was easy to set up and change. The TurboLock app on my phone makes it very easy to manage door codes, people, dates and times. I didn’t even need to read the directions as the setup process was pretty straightforward. This lock doesn’t require an internet hub for remote access, which is a feature I don’t need anyway. Overall, I am very happy with this digital front door lock and highly recommend it if you want an easy-to-use option.

  74. Carolyn

    The sound of the lock is quite loud, but it has a Bluetooth range of around 10 feet. The automatic locking feature is fantastic. I assigned a unique code for the cleaning crew to use, and I also set specific times when the lock was able to work, which was quite convenient.

  75. Sandy

    The Veise Smart Lock is a fancy lock that doesn’t require a key. You can use your phone to control it, or type in a code on the keypad. It looks nice and is easy to install. The lock has lots of security features, like a strong deadbolt and automatic locking. The app also tells you if anyone tries to open the door. Overall, the Veise Smart Lock is a great choice for anyone who wants to make their home more secure. It looks good, works well, and keeps your property safe whether you’re home or away.

  76. Jenni Davidson

    This product is great for both my vacation rentals and my home and office. It allows me to easily manage access codes and make changes when needed. The customer service is also top-notch. I highly recommend it.

  77. tara rivera

    This product is exactly what I was looking for. It works perfectly and is very easy to use. You can use it with an app on your phone or scan documents manually with your finger. I am very satisfied with my purchase and couldn’t be happier with how it works.

  78. Kalvin

    I really liked this lock and key set and used it every day, even in bad weather. However, after 13 months, it started making a weird noise and now gets stuck halfway through the locking/unlocking process. Despite this, I still think it’s a good product and would give it 4 out of 5 stars for enduring daily use. If it still functioned properly, it would have earned 5 stars. I’m disappointed that there doesn’t seem to be a warranty available.

  79. Bradley H. Greenlee

    The Veise Smart Lock is a great lock that is easy to install. If you’re just replacing an old lock, you’ll only need a Phillips head screwdriver. If you’re installing it in a new door, the templates for cutting and drilling are included. Once installed, there are four ways to open the door – using a code, an IC card on your keychain, a key, or your phone. Programming is easy and the lock is high quality. It’s a great way to get the benefits of a strong deadbolt lock with the convenience of modern technology. My family loves it!

  80. Bryan Hill

    I can easily follow the installation instructions provided. Additionally, setting up the app on my phone for Bluetooth connectivity and programming is a breeze.

  81. Michael

    At our old house, we had a smart lock that we really enjoyed using. However, when we moved to our new home, there was no smart lock installed. Although we had planned on adding one, it took some time before we could actually do it. Eventually, the old deadbolt that came with the house stopped working altogether. So, we decided to upgrade and install the smart lock. It works amazingly well and everyone in the family has their own code to use. Programming it was easy and didn’t take much time at all.

  82. Hardik

    We’ve been using our Aura lock for over a year now without any problems. I changed the batteries a few months ago and the original ones lasted around a year, depending on how long the lock was sitting around before it was installed. Recently, I updated the firmware without any issues. I had a locksmith install the Aura because I already had trouble replacing a simple door knob on my screen door, and I didn’t trust myself with the door lock. The locksmith had no issues with the installation. Even though we rarely use all of the lock’s features, I was able to easily check and update codes using the app on my phone. Overall, we’re very happy with the product.

  83. Myrna

    I wanted to test out my new door lock before installing it. I tried using the key, card, and code entry options and they all worked well. The lock operates smoothly. However, I noticed in the video that you need to change the master code to add any user cards or codes, otherwise they won’t be programmed. I also really liked the antipeeping feature. I’m not sure how long the battery will last, but I’ll keep you updated if anything goes wrong.

  84. Cliente de website

    The Veise RZ06 Smart Lock is a great product that comes with everything you need to install it including 2 keys and 2 key cards. Although it took some time to install, it was finally completed. However, I would not recommend installing it on a metal security door, as there may be a gap that needs to be filled later. The instructions that come with the lock are easy to follow and it took a little while to mount and power it up. Remember to make any changes to the lock, such as the code or adding users, through the DDLock app. This app has many useful functions and is easy to use. Overall, I highly recommend this awesome smart lock.

  85. P

    This lock was easy to install on my door, and I didn’t face any issues. However, the box didn’t come with instructions on how to operate the lock. I had to use their app on my phone to program it. Installing the app was easy, but creating an account was a bit tedious. Thankfully, the lock is working perfectly fine now, and I can open it using the keypad. It would have been helpful if there were instructions on programming the keypad without using the app. The lock motor makes a bit of noise when locking and unlocking.

  86. Twoaugustgirls

    This lock with limited range Bluetooth capability is great! It’s not as fancy as the ones with extended range and lots of features, but it’s better than a regular manual lock. We can even set different codes for family members and keep track of who’s coming and going. Plus, we don’t need to carry a key around anymore. The only downside is that the lock makes a loud noise when it locks.

  87. Johnny

    The TurboLock has a great feature that lets you use old keys to open your front door. I have three of these keys for my detached garage and two for my house. The TurboLock app allows people to enter using either a key or a code. I gave four people different codes and I can track when they enter the buildings. I can also limit the times they can enter. However, I’m not sure if the TurboLock can withstand an attack from a hammer. Someone could still break in through a window or door. But if that happens, my insurance will cover me because it will show forced entry.

  88. Debi

    This lock is a replacement for a keypad lock that didn’t work. It’s not hard to put in if you follow the instructions. You can unlock it in four different ways so you won’t get locked out if the battery runs out or you forget your code. It also has a feature where you can lock and unlock it with an app on your phone, which most keypad locks don’t have. It also has the ability to create electronic keys for others to use. All in all, it’s a really good deal.

  89. Phoebejiang

    Installing the app was really easy, but some of the steps could use more explanation. The lock I put in was bigger than the old one and needed a bit of extra work with a chisel. The app works great as long as you’re close enough to the lock with Bluetooth. I set up codes for both locks and got them installed in under two hours – one for the garage and one for the back door.

  90. Ken

    This smart lock was easy to install once we aligned everything properly with the lock, which required two people to guide it in. However, it has a limitation that you need to be within Bluetooth range to see the lock status on your app. If you’re away from home, you cannot lock or unlock the door remotely. So, if you want remote access, it’s better to spend extra money on the Wi-Fi enabled version. I opted for the textile buttons since the door gets a lot of direct sunlight, and touch screens don’t always work well in the heat.

  91. theps91

    This product looks great and was easy to install on my door. However, I need to spend some time learning how it works to make sure I am using it correctly. It is not a simple “plug and play” type of lock. I am interested in being able to control it remotely, and I have learned that I can do this by purchasing an additional device.

  92. frank mcdowell

    I’ve been searching for a keyless entry door lock for some time now but haven’t been convinced to purchase one until recently. During my vacation, there were intense storms that caused a power outage for four days. Usually, this wouldn’t be an issue since my garage door opener has a battery backup, but it only lasts so long. My parents had to feed my pets and access the front door, which we hardly use. Even though the lock was only five years old, the key didn’t unlock the door without force. That was the turning point for me to invest in a lock that can be unlocked from anywhere. This lock runs on batteries, so it can be opened with a key, key cards, or keypad, even if there’s no power. I’m glad I made the decision to get this lock, and I won’t have to worry about being locked out of my house due to a defective lock.

  93. Angel

    The key that came with the lock didn’t work when we first tried it, which was probably due to poor quality control. Luckily, my father knows a lot about mechanics and was able to fix it. However, we ran into more problems once we installed the lock. The manual lock was too hard to turn, and the mechanical lock just spun around and got stuck. To fix this, we did a factory reset using the instructions in the manual. It’s important to have the lock installed on the door when doing the reset so that it learns which way to turn. Now, the lock works perfectly and I’m happy with it for now. Only time will tell how long it will last.

  94. joy

    I bought the TurboLock because it was the same brand as my old lock and because it was matte black. I didn’t care about the app or Bluetooth features. It was easy to install and looked great on my door. However, I couldn’t connect it to my phone despite trying everything. I should have been concerned about the app’s low rating, but I didn’t think it mattered. If I could manually create codes and use it without the app, I would have kept it. I returned it because it was expensive and useless to me. I got a cheaper off-brand lock that works with the app and Bluetooth. It’s not as pretty, but it works. I gave the TurboLock one star because it didn’t work for me, but it might work for others.

  95. Fred K.

    I recently purchased a TurboLock lock for my house and had one already installed in the family home. I wanted something compatible for both and my son’s home, so I like that I can use the same app for all three. Installing the new lock was a breeze and I was able to do it myself in under 30 minutes thanks to the clear instructions and labeled parts. I replaced the old lock because I couldn’t rekey it or connect it to the app via Bluetooth, but the new lock has no such issues. It’s easy to use and program codes for visitors with temporary access. The only downside is that I’ve had bad experiences with tech support in the past, so I gave it 4 stars. If it weren’t for the other TurboLock locks we have, I might have considered a different brand.

  96. Brian C

    This product’s appearance is pleasing and it functions properly. Installing it was easy without any issues. It’s an excellent product.

  97. J Seal

    This product is great for French doors and works really well. The app is amazing, but the small cards are even better. They work quickly and are easy to use when your hands are full. This set has everything you need and I highly recommend it. I’m interested in getting more cards, but it’s not a big issue if I can’t find them.

  98. jel2

    I replaced a 20-year-old electronic lock with a new one, but it was difficult to install. Specifically, I had trouble running screws from the back plate of the door through to the front lock. This was because I had to keep the cable from the keypad connected to the motor while I did it. Other electronic locks pass the bolts through the back plate, but this one requires a separate plate to be installed first. Additionally, I found that the Bluetooth connection only works within 15 feet, not the advertised 100 feet.

  99. Steve in Seattle

    Works as is should heavy duty.

  100. Website Customer

    To install the lock onto the door frame, you will need two different sizes of screws

  101. Quingni

    Installing the lock is simple as long as you don’t rely on the app guide as it isn’t helpful. Keep a chisel nearby because the lock doesn’t come with a standard-sized strike plate, only an oversized security style. This is perfect if you’re replacing a similar lock or if your new door has a pre-chiseled hole that matches the oversized plate. However, if your door doesn’t have the correct size hole, you’ll need to widen and elongate it. Despite this, I’ve installed previous versions of this lock without any problems in the past.

  102. Jay

    This lock works properly, but it was a bit difficult to install because the old lock didn’t match up perfectly with this one. Some reviews mention that the lock makes noise when it locks and unlocks, but I actually appreciate this feature because it lets me know when the lock is doing its job.

  103. website Customer

    This lock has some great features and is reasonably priced. It comes with two keys and two key cards, and can be unlocked using a key card, cell phone, PIN code, or traditional key. However, the mechanism for rotating the deadbolt is made of plastic, which is a concern for some users. Although the lock seems standard, some may prefer a fully metal deadbolt, which can be purchased for under $10. Another slight issue is that the touch screen isn’t always responsive, although the key card option works well. Overall, the app and functions are great, but the plastic parts and touch screen may be a concern for some users.


    I’m looking for a smart lock for my new house. I want to avoid the hassle of making duplicate keys for my family and kids who go to school. I found a new product in the market that has a nice design and is reasonably priced. It was easy to install with the included instructions – it only took me 30 minutes, and I had never done it before. The lock has an adjustable latch to fit different doors and comes with a measurement template and all necessary hardware. You can unlock the door in multiple ways and set it up easily with a user-friendly app. However, my only concern is that kids may have trouble pulling the door from the inside, so I may need to add a dummy handle.

  105. Quan

    The Veise Keyless Entry Deadbolt is a durable lock that is easy to install. It comes with an installation guide, mechanical keys, key cards, an accessory kit, a template, and a smart lock unit for both the interior and exterior of your door. While some interior parts are made of plastic, the lock still receives a 5-star rating due to its convenience and five-in-one unlocking methods. The lock can be operated through the “DDLock” app, IC card, password, key, or internal thumb turn. It also has a one-touch auto lock feature and a 1-year warranty with 24/7 email support.

  106. Gu lixiang

    The installation process took about 30 minutes and was easy to follow, but it’s important to pay close attention to the directions to avoid missing any steps. If your door opens to the right or left, you need to adjust the slide switch to match the “thumb” direction for locking and unlocking. If you want to use remote control or connect to Google or Alexa, you need to purchase a gateway. Bluetooth only works within 15 feet, so it’s more practical to use the code instead. While resetting the code manually can be difficult, it’s easy to change the code through the app. The lock has many features, including entry by app, code, keys, and IC cards, and a private mode that prevents unauthorized access. However, you need to purchase an additional gateway device for remote access and the manual passcode change doesn’t always work.

  107. Murphy

    This lock is great! However, don’t bother with the instructions that come on paper – instead, download the app. It will guide you through the installation process easily and clearly. Plus, the app allows you to assign unique codes to anyone who enters your home. And, if you ever forget to lock the door, you can do it from the comfort of your own bed. This lock not only looks nice, it also provides a high level of security. It’s like having a vault on your door!

  108. Jay.Cao

    The lock that I bought sometimes has problems and it makes me worried that I might get locked out. It seems like it gets stuck when I try to unlock it, but it stays locked. This has happened twice and took a while to fix, but it might have been my fault. Overall, I think this lock is great. I wish I could connect it to my smart home system, but it’s still worth the price even without that feature. I don’t mind manually locking it and we didn’t need a lot of codes, so this cheaper version works well for us. It’s simple to use and easy to install, and I really like it a lot!

  109. echesan4176

    I found a black electronic deadbolt that I really like. It can be locked and unlocked with a key, a code or an app (although I haven’t used the app yet). It was easy to install in about 20 minutes, and the only downside was that it didn’t come with a top strike plate (although maybe it was missing). My husband, who is good with electronics, set up the master code and the app on his phone easily. I haven’t tried to change the lock yet, but I think it’s possible. The deadbolt looks great and is easy to lock with one button when we leave the house. I can’t say how long the batteries will last, but they were fine when we installed them. The batteries are easy to change by removing a faceplate on the back of the deadbolt, which is much easier than the old Schlage locks that have to be completely opened up. So far, I’m happy with the product.

  110. Website Customer

    This product is efficient and functions well. It includes an automatic locking feature that is convenient. However, it tends to produce some noise during operation.

  111. katherine mcintire

    I bought a Chinese fingerprint deadbolt but had to return it because I needed to drill a hole in my door and their instructions were not helpful. I then researched and bought the TurboLock Aura online to save money. It was easy to install with clear instructions and took me only 20 minutes. Programming the lock took longer as I had to download an app and set up an account with a complicated password and security questions. The app was easy to use and I got help quickly when I needed it. The keypad has backlit buttons for use at night, but this was not mentioned in the instructions.

  112. Mallik

    I really enjoy using this lock because it was very easy to install and the customer service was fantastic. However, I have noticed that it can be quite noisy, which is a bit disappointing. Additionally, I made an error in thinking that I could control it beyond the Bluetooth connection, but it turns out that I can’t. In the future, I will make sure to purchase a lock with Wi-Fi connection so that I can have better control over it.

  113. Shing

    This lock has different ways to unlock it, such as an app, IC card, password, key, or thumb turn. You can choose the method that suits you best. The app lets you control the lock, set and share passwords, see unlock history, and more. You can even give other people access to the app, like family members. The lock also has an automatic locking system that makes sure your door is always locked. It will lock by itself within 1-900 seconds, and you can lock it with one touch by holding down the # button for 2 seconds. The Veise Smart Door Lock is a reliable and convenient way to keep your home secure.

  114. Nohemy castillo

    I recently went through a tough break up and my ex-girlfriend was causing some problems, so I needed to change my locks quickly. I came across a product that I was hesitant to try because I didn’t recognize the brand, but it turned out to be very easy to set up and use. It works perfectly and the accompanying app is really helpful. The only potential issue is that you can’t unlock the device from your phone when you’re not at home, but I’m still getting familiar with the app so I could be mistaken. Overall, I think this is a great product.

  115. Kei2sucess

    The device works great with the app on your phone, as well as with Alexa. I’m really happy with my purchase and the price is very good. Installing it is super easy and only requires one screwdriver to assemble all the parts and screws perfectly. I followed the manual and it took me only 20 minutes to install it. It was my first time installing a lock, but it was a breeze.

  116. Richard J. Frey

    I was anxious about installing a lock because I’m not great with them. However, this one was very easy to install and the rekey process was also simple. The software update was installed quickly and the battery is still strong at 90% after 4 months. This is now my favorite household purchase because it allows me to walk my dogs without needing to carry keys. Although it may not seem like a big deal, having a reliable lock can make a big difference in your daily life.

  117. NYWebShopper

    I’ve been using this lock for just over a month now and it’s been working well. However, it’s much noisier than the Yale lock I had at my old house. At first, I was worried that there was something wrong with it because of the rough sound it makes. Also, I assumed that the keys would light up, but they don’t. I think the Bluetooth feature would only be useful if you’re too lazy to walk up to the door to lock or unlock it.

  118. Annie

    I bought this lock for my vacation rental and it was cheap, simple to install, and works like it’s supposed to. The App is easy to use and the Bluetooth connection is good. I haven’t had it for very long so I don’t know how it will hold up over time, but for now, it’s great. It also looks nice. Just make sure to measure your existing lock before buying. Luckily, mine was standard and it fit perfectly.

  119. walter mcdonald

    This deadbolt lock offers different ways to unlock it. You can enter a code, use an RFID card (2 included), or use the DDLock app on your phone. The app has many settings to choose from and it works well for me. This lock is also useful for AirBnB hosts because you can create temporary access codes that expire on a specific date and time. Overall, I really like this lock and recommend it.

  120. David

    We attempted to connect the “lock from anywhere” feature of our smart home security to our front door, but the installer informed us that the system had rusted out. Our front door is shielded by an overhang, so it’s unclear how it became rusted. We were disappointed by the high cost of the product, given this problem.

  121. joseph lowry

    I got a new smart lock today and it looks and feels great with a beautiful nickel finish. I bought it because it has 5 different ways to unlock it, including a regular key and 4 keyless options like password, app, fobs, and thumb turn. I don’t have to worry about getting locked out due to a battery issue because I can always use the key as a backup. With the app, I can control access, set passwords, manage rights, view access logs, and authorize family, guests, or tenants to use the app through eKey. It can store over 250 different passwords, making it suitable for families and visitors. Although it has a remote control option, I’m not interested in using it right now. Installation is easy, and it fits standard left and right doors with just a screwdriver. Overall, it’s a great upgrade from my old lock at a reasonable price, and I even got a $20 discount.

  122. kevin m kaufman

    I replaced my old lock with a new digit one after repainting my side gate. I chose the Veise lock because I liked the way it looked and the different ways it can be unlocked. I found it easy to install because it fit in the existing hole. I tested the different features and they all worked well, except for the touch sensor which didn’t work about 20% of the time. However, the other options worked perfectly. I was pleasantly surprised by the automatic lock feature which is helpful since I tend to forget if I locked the door. I also like that I now have one less key on my keychain. Overall, I’m happy with my purchase.


    This device has many options for programming and scheduling, but it doesn’t have lit buttons which can be difficult to use in low light settings. It was also advertised to work with Alexa, but it doesn’t actually do so. Additionally, the Bluetooth connection can be unreliable.

  124. Allen

    Installing this lock can be a bit of a hassle, so it’s important to follow the instructions closely and not rush. The lock itself is quite loud, but that hasn’t bothered me much. What I’m disappointed in is the Bluetooth range – it’s less than 30 feet. I was hoping to be able to use the lock’s Bluetooth feature to unlock my exterior office door from my living room, but so far the distance has been too great to connect, maxing out at approximately 25 feet. I’m also unsure about the lock’s long-term reliability, as I’ve had mixed success with mechanical locks in the past. I’ll update this review if necessary.

  125. Police For Life!

    This product is very easy to set up, program and use. You can even create separate codes for different people, like service providers or family members. The app is very user-friendly and straightforward. You can also program the door to lock automatically and add a delay if needed. We are very satisfied with our purchase.

  126. Daniel wilson

    This lock is great for rental properties and is very easy to set up. However, there are a few drawbacks to the product. To create a code, you need to download an app, which can be inconvenient if the property doesn’t have accessible wifi. Additionally, the lock buttons don’t light up, making it hard to see the code in low light. Lastly, the lack of an auto-lock feature is a minor inconvenience. Despite these drawbacks, installation is a breeze and only takes around 10 minutes.

  127. K.Graves

    Here is a simplified version of the original text:
    “This product performs excellently and meets all expectations.”

  128. Nikole Garcia

    The Lock is a good product and easy to install. It took about 15 minutes, but I had to restart the app a few times to finish setting it up. I had trouble with the Bluetooth connection dropping, which I initially thought was a problem with my phone. However, when I spoke to my friend, they had the same issue.

  129. Melinda Hatano

    I have many guests from out of town who come to visit me, and it was getting tiring to keep having to give them temporary keys. But now, I found a solution – I can create a unique entry code for each guest that only works during their visit. The app that controls this system works smoothly, and I appreciate the hands-free unlocking feature. This product has made me feel more in control and secure about who has access to my home. Overall, it’s been a great experience.

  130. dlong

    This lock is very easy to install and connect to your phone via Bluetooth. Just make sure you measure the space between the door handle and the lock on the inside because the control box could be big for some locks. This one is perfect for my door!

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