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TURBOLOCK TL116 Digital Deadbolt Lock with Keypad, Voice Prompts


  • KEYLESS ENTRY YOU CONTROL — No more losing keys or lockouts. Easily grant access through 10 programmable passcodes.
  • CONFIDENT SECURITY — Voice prompts guide you through the use of the TL116, letting you control your home security.
  • PASSCODE DISGUISE — Protect your passcode from prying eyes. Key in up to 12 extra digits before or after your real code.
  • QUICK, EASY INSTALLATION — Our high-security door lock comes with all the tools needed to easily retrofit on most standard and thicker doors up to 2.215 inches.
  • GOLD STANDARD SERVICE — TurboLock electronic door lock is backed by a one-year limited warranty.

(66 customer reviews)

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Phone. Wallet. Coffee. Glasses. Kids. You have a lot to remember to grab on your way out the door. Now your keys don’t need to be one of them. The TL116 Digital Door Lock from TURBOLOCK is simple, hassle-free security you can rely on. Crafted from commercial-grade zinc alloy that’s both beautiful and durable, it’s an elegant personal security solution at your fingertips. Easy to install, easy to use and easy to control who has entry access to your property. Ideal for residential homeowners, small business owners, rental property management and short-term rental hosts (e.g., AirBnB).  

Grant entry access to your residential or commercial space using the included physical keys or keypad passcodes, up to 9 user codes and 1 admin passcode. With over 1 million unique keyless entry combinations available, you’ll never need to worry about repeating codes. The codes are stored in the lock’s internal memory, so no Bluetooth or WiFi is needed. And with over one million possible combinations, you’ll never have to worry about an intruder guessing your entry code. The possibilities are virtually limitless. 

Twelve digits are significantly harder to memorize than 6. That’s why all TURBOLOCK keypad door locks ship with our unique Code Disguise. This feature makes it harder for nosy neighbors and prying eyes to discern your actual password. Enter any sequence of numbers, up to 12 digits, when you enter your code. So long as your correct passcode sequence is entered, the door will unlock. 

Your keyless front door lock needs to be strong, durable and effective. But it still needs to look good. And fortunately the TL116 does. This lock is beautifully designed to complement most home and office exteriors. It blends in with the architecture, making it something that you’ll feel proud to have on your front door or business entrance.  

The TL116 is easy to use. It’s even easier to install. With minimal tools, you’ll be locked and secured in a matter of minutes. This keypad door lock fits most standard door sizes with left- or right-side handling. And four AA batteries are all it takes to turbocharge your security for a full year of regular, daily use. A low-battery warning will notify you when it’s time for a fresh, new battery. 

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Bronze, Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze

66 reviews for TURBOLOCK TL116 Digital Deadbolt Lock with Keypad, Voice Prompts

  1. John Holland

    This is our second lock, it keeps jamming up after a few months of use. We will never use this product again.

  2. Jude

    I bought this lock for my shed. Initially, I was unsure about it because I usually use Schlage but didn’t want to spend that much money for my shed. However, I decided to try it out. Installing it was simple and setting it up was also easy. I think the instructions have a mistake because there is no ‘#’ key, but instead, it is the unlock button.

  3. Donald Spanyer

    This product is really easy to install and is of high quality. It offers great value for its price and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good product.

  4. OK

    I bought this for my house so my grand children could have easy access, but it does not work most of the time, now they have to carry a key just in case it does not work. I am now waiting for a response from the customer service to see if they are going to replace it for me.

  5. Kaitlin

    I Like this lock. It does talk to you at beginning

  6. Andres Mussbach

    This lock has made our lives so much easier. We regret not purchasing it earlier. We no longer have to worry about carrying keys on simple outings like walking the dog or going for a bike ride. We highly recommend this product to anyone who dislikes carrying keys.

  7. sheila gaglione

    Easy to install! Would recommend

  8. PaleRider

    Item is as expected. Easy installation. It works very well with no problems at the moment.

  9. Terry

    The setup was simple and the quality was impressive considering how much it cost. It was just as good as locks made by well-known brands.

  10. G_Med

    I found it a bit difficult to figure out how to program the key pad, as the instructions weren’t very clear. However, despite this, the product is functioning as intended.

  11. Tae C.

    This digital lock is simple to install and only takes 30 minutes. The menu is user-friendly and easy to understand, making it easy to set a password. I no longer have to worry about forgetting my key, as I can easily unlock the door with this lock. It is very convenient and definitely worth purchasing.

  12. Robin Noll

    Excelente articulo

  13. Chuck A.

    The number lock is a great way to secure your home without having to carry around a physical key. This is especially useful for families with children, as they can easily enter the code to gain access. The lock is also very easy to install, making it a quick and hassle-free process. Overall, this lock is a simple and effective solution that everyone can benefit from.

  14. Gadgetman

    I liked something so much that I decided to get a new door handle to match it, and I ordered it

  15. Nicholis

    These locks are great – they are very strong and have many features to choose from. However, the instructions can be a bit confusing. Make sure that the flat metal piece is vertical, not horizontal like it says on the locks. If your lock won’t open, it might be because the metal is in the wrong position. The voice that tells you when the lock is open or closed is clear and easy to understand. Overall, this is a really good purchase and the locks are a good value.

  16. GeekDOM

    This door lock is of great quality and looks very appealing. It is effortless to install, and all you need to do is read the instructions carefully. I am very satisfied with this product, and I would definitely buy it again.

  17. Zach_702_LV

    This product is convenient because it’s simple to install and set up. It makes my life easier because I don’t have to carry a physical key with me anymore. It can be used with either a key or a pin code. The device requires 4 AA batteries to operate.

  18. Michael Garza

    Excelente producto y cumplimiento en la entrega .

  19. sylvain

    The TURBOLOCK lock without keys is incredibly user-friendly, durable, and of fantastic quality. It was also easy to install. We did have to spend some time figuring out the settings, but once we did, we were thrilled with how well it worked and how good it looked. We’re very satisfied with our decision to buy this keyless entry system.

  20. Gibran

    This key lock is amazing and I’ve already started using it. It’s very convenient because you can open the door with a key or by entering a password. It’s really useful and I wanted to share it with you all because I like it so much.

  21. Deenie

    This is a review of a locker that can be controlled using Facebook. It’s a great locker that allows you to use many different passwords. It’s also easy to install – just take off the old one and put the new one on. However, if you install it on the inside of a door, you’ll need to cut the stick. The Bluetooth version is a bit difficult to connect, but I’m still trying. Overall, it’s a good choice if you’re looking for a secure and versatile locker.

  22. LL

    that can be installed in just 10 minutes! I particularly enjoy the sound it makes when locking the door, as it provides reassurance that the door is securely locked.

  23. Kyle Lash

    This door lock is a great help during chilly weather because I can easily open and lock the door without spending extra time outside searching for my keys. It’s simple to use and install with one-touch locking and verbal notifications when the door is locked or unlocked. This product is very practical, affordable, and would make a great holiday gift. I strongly suggest giving it a try.

  24. Wyatt Allen kidney

    This product is amazing! It’s a magic key that is incredibly convenient because I no longer have to spend money to make copies of my keys. Additionally, it comes with spare keys just in case I need them. The quality is top-notch and the price is very reasonable. Overall, I highly recommend this product.


    The thing I installed was simple to set up and functioned well initially, but now it’s giving me trouble. It occasionally works fine, but other times it won’t work at all. It seems to be malfunctioning randomly.

  26. Queen

    The lock looks expensive but is actually affordable and strong. Installing it was difficult and we had to redo it a few times. But once we figured it out and put in the batteries, we set up the passwords and have been using it. It’s still early, but we love the product and the code concealer works. The only thing we wish it had is an automatic time lock feature. Overall, we’re happy with our purchase and recommend it.

  27. bill

    At first, I was about to give the product only one star because it was difficult to install. I want to warn future buyers to be careful when changing the left or right side button. After my husband installed the lock, I tested it out and it felt stuck and made noises. However, after reading the instructions, we found out that there was a button to switch the lock to fit the door properly. Now, I give it five stars because it’s a great digital lock and is reasonably priced compared to others. As long as the lock works properly, I will continue to give it five stars.

  28. Craig Cram

    My friend installed a device for me that was very easy to set up and program. I really love this device because I no longer have to worry about my kids losing their keys and getting locked out.

  29. kikicamo

    I had some difficulty with the installation process, but once I was able to successfully install it, I found that I really enjoy using the product. It is user-friendly and convenient, as there is no need to search for keys.

  30. RedesFam

    Very easy to use and installing

  31. Telisha J.

    Is there a warranty on this lock I can find? it lasts 6 months and is dead already.

  32. Laura Lee

    I added a lock to my garage side door for two reasons. First, the main front door has a fancy handle that I didn’t want to change, and the garage door is rarely used, so we don’t carry the keys around. There are two main benefits of having this lock. The first is that I can now enter the house through the side door when carrying groceries, without having to go through the main door and then open the garage door. The second is that I can give the code to people I trust, such as friends and family who can drop off food for my chickens when I’m not home. This lock doesn’t require a key, so it’s more secure and I don’t need to share my house keys. The installation was easy, but I wish there was a quick video tutorial.

  33. Aurora

    The lock did not work after installation. Customer service recommend that I send it back

  34. SASY-JO

    This lock is simple to install and has a pleasing appearance. It has a strong and smooth surface. Following the provided procedure, programming and installation are also simple to complete.

  35. Jason

    This product is great! I appreciate that it doesn’t lock on its own like other brands. If the batteries run out, I have the option to use a key or a USB cable backup power source. It’s super easy to lock it with just one button press when leaving, which saves time compared to using a key. Installing it was as easy as installing a regular deadbolt. The shipping was timely and the product was well-packaged.

  36. Dominick Forte

    Easy to install for experienced home owner

  37. anotherwriter

    I really like this lock – it looks good and is well made. It’s also really easy for me to use and change the code when needed. The first one I got didn’t work, but after two calls to customer service, we decided it was broken and I sent it back for a replacement. The replacement came quickly and they didn’t even wait for me to send back the broken one before sending the new one. This was great because I was left with a hole in my door and no lock. Since this was just the door from my garage into my house, I wasn’t too worried about it.

  38. Ron Fox

    I wanted to switch my regular key lock for a digital one in my house, but I was unsure about how it would work. So, I decided to buy one to give it a try and ended up really liking it. Despite being my first digital lock, the installation wasn’t too difficult for me. Now that it’s installed, I don’t have to worry about losing my house key anymore. The lock has both a traditional key hole and a digital keypad which is a great combination for my household. The older members prefer the keyhole while the keypad works well for others. I highly recommend it for those with a mix of age groups in their home.

  39. Christopher L Buechner

    If you’re someone who often loses their keys, you might want to consider getting a keyless smart lock like the one we bought. It’s really good quality and has lots of useful features. For example, you can set different codes for different people in your household, which gives you flexibility and means you don’t have to carry around a physical key. Plus, everyone can have their own code, which makes things even simpler. Overall, we’ve found this lock to be really easy to use and a great solution for anyone who struggles with traditional keys.

  40. Bryan

    The Great Lock is a wonderful product that has helped me a lot. Before getting it, I used to forget my keys all the time and it caused me a lot of problems. However, since installing this lock, I no longer have to worry about carrying keys around. All I need to do is enter a code and the door opens easily for me. I find it extremely convenient and would definitely recommend it to anyone who needs an easy-to-use and reliable lock.

  41. Trago

    The installation process for this product was difficult. The instructions provided were not specific to the product I purchased, which made it confusing. I ended up having to do some research to figure out the correct codes and steps to properly install the product. Additionally, the instructions provided were actually for a different product altogether.

  42. JN

    I had trouble installing and getting the unit to work properly, but after trying three times it finally worked. It has been a week now and it seems to be working well.

  43. Eileen

    Works Great so far. Slow to open sometimes

  44. Kathy K.

    I found a lock that fit my budget and was easy to install without any issues. However, there is a lot to learn about programming codes and other features. Despite this, I am happy with my purchase and recommend it to anyone looking for a lock on a budget. The lock has many pros, such as being stylish, the perfect size and weight, and having a nice design.

  45. mike berti

    We recently bought a Turblock for an Airbnb property and we liked it so much that we decided to get one for our own home. It’s easy to program and use, and the oil rubbed bronze finish gives it a great look.

  46. Daryl Ann Roessner

    A high cost-effective smart lock that fit my needs.

  47. Steven

    When choosing a lock for my house, I searched for a while and ultimately decided on a non-Bluetooth version. It has proven to be a great choice for me because it is very durable. Additionally, the keypad lock has backup keys as a failsafe in case something goes wrong. It’s important to note that both a keypad lock and a standard lock can be picked, but overall I’m happy with my choice.

  48. C. C. Elite L.L.C.

    I made a few changes to the door frame using a chisel. After I put it in, it worked perfectly the first time and has been working well since. I’m no longer concerned about being locked out of my home.

  49. Andrew Pohlkotte

    This product is simple to install and easy to use. You no longer need to worry about searching for the actual key.

  50. ADMmom3

    The installation process is simple and can be made even easier by swapping out the standard size and hole. It’s important to pay attention to the order in which you complete the installation steps.

  51. Yolaine

    The first product I bought was not good and I returned it. However, the second one was easy to use and works great! I really like its strong appearance and what it can do. My only desire is for it to have wifi.

  52. Website Customer

    I bought a keypad lock from Amazon that has a classic look and feels great to the touch. Installing it was a breeze and it’s easy to use. Despite its simplicity, this lock is very secure.

  53. Chris

    This lock is great because it’s simple to use and keeps things secure. It’s also easy to set up and customize.

  54. C Kreger

    The installation process was straightforward, and I did not encounter any issues. The only downside was that the keypad on the box looked different from the one I received, but the instructions were correct. Overall, I would recommend this product to anyone who needs it.

  55. Website Customer

    I just installed a new lock on my door and it was really simple to put together. All you need to do is follow the instructions and you’ll have it set up in no time! The best part is setting up the password was way easier than I expected. I really like the look of the lock and it’s priced reasonably, I think it’s even less expensive than I originally thought. Overall, it’s a great product to buy!

  56. Ben

    Lock itself is great, Bluetooth needs work

  57. S. Hollis

    I purchased this product to avoid any concerns about my son misplacing his key at school. Although it took some effort to adjust the deadbolt, it now operates smoothly and efficiently. Overall, I am pleased with this purchase.

  58. Manuel B Martinez

    I am pleased with how the product looks and how easy it was to install. However, I am hopeful that this product will last longer than our previous one, MiLock.

  59. Mattack6

    I’ve been using this lock for nearly a month and it’s amazing. It’s very easy to install, even a child could do it. I’m giving it a high rating because it came with 5 keys and their customer support is excellent. The button press is smooth and it has a battery compartment option if you prefer a pin or you can wire it into your power outlets.

  60. Davis

    Awesome lock!

  61. A. Noble

    This user is expressing their satisfaction with a lock they have recently acquired. They are grateful for the lock as it eliminates the need to worry about losing their keys. Overall, they are very pleased with their purchase.

  62. Lisa Martin

    I have a Schlage Connect Smart Lock on my front door and I was looking for a cheaper number lock for my garage. I found one that was cheaper when I sorted from low to high price. I want to compare this cheaper lock to the high-end one I already have and give my opinion on it. The pros of the cheaper lock are that it looks great for the price, it’s 1/4 the cost of my Schlage lock, it comes with all the hardware and some extras, it’s built well and the manual is very detailed. The cons are that it doesn’t have wifi/Bluetooth connectivity so it can’t be locked remotely, the setup process is not easy, and the backplate was dirty out of the box. I had an issue with the lock but the manufacturer was responsive and has a 1-year warranty.


    Nothing complaint

  64. redjacket378

    The lock is great and simple to install. The best thing about it is how convenient it is since I no longer have to search for my keys in my bag or worry about forgetting them. I also don’t have to make copies for my sister since she’s visiting next week. This got me thinking that if I decide to rent out my house, I won’t need to get new keys or change the lock every time someone leaves. Isn’t that great?

  65. Mianca Mujahid

    I didn’t expect to enjoy this, but it’s really awesome not having to use a key every time. I absolutely love it.

  66. kelly mcmurtrie

    Have them on all of my doors

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