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TurboLock TL-111 Keyless Smart Door Lock


  • PASSCODE DISGUISE — Protect your passcode from prying eyes. Key in up to 12 extra digits before or after your real code.
  • BACKUP POWER & KEYS — The TL-111 will last up to 365 days of regular use with just four AAA batteries. Power can be supplied from the micro USB port in the case of dead batteries. Two physical keys are also included in case of emergencies.
  • EASY INSTALLATION — Our knob-style electronic lock comes with all the tools needed to easily retrofit on most standard doors with 2 ⅜-inch to 2 ¾-inch backsets.
  • GOLD STANDARD SERVICE — TurboLock electronic door lock is backed by a one-year limited warranty.
(100 customer reviews)

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Enjoy freedom from lost keys and lockouts, with the peace of mind that can only come from seamless connectivity with your smartphone for keyless entry control. Unlock your door remotely. Deliver eKeys to those you trust. Monitor lock history from the office, in a restaurant, on vacation — anywhere in the world.

Keyless Convenience with Multipurpose Use

Homeowners looking for enhanced home security aren’t the only ones who benefit from the TL-111 suite of features. The solid steel craftsmanship can handle weather, impact and the rigors of regular, day-to-day use.

Small- to medium-sized business owners. Property managers and real estate agents. Even short-term residential lessors (e.g., AirBnB). Plenty can benefit from the smart access control offered by the TL-111. But ultimately, it’s for anyone who wants the peace of mind associated with complete entry control.

Durable — Universal — Simple

The TL-111 is crafted from rugged, commercial-quality zinc alloy that’s scratch-resistant, corrosive-resistant and weather-resistant. The knob-style e-lock is compatible with almost all door types, including doors with deadbolts, exterior and interior doors up to 2.16 inches thick, French doors and more.

The TL-111 requires no special tools. Everything you need for simple installation on doors with standard backsets from 2 ⅜ inches up to 2 ¾ inches is included. All you need is a screwdriver (for retrofitting) or drill (for new doors without a cutout) to finish your installation.

Security for Your Security

Our Passcode Disguise feature automatically adds another level of personal security for your passcode. With Passcode Disguise, you may enter 12 digits into the keypad. As long as the correct password sequence is entered, regardless of how many digits were entered before or after, the TL111 will unlock.

For example, if your user password is “080808”, you can successfully unlock the TL111 by entering “11354080808”, “11080808”, “1208080890” and so on.

Year-Round Protection

The TL111 delivers up to 365 days of supercharged security with just four AAA batteries. It’s low-battery warning notifies you when new batteries are needed. If your batteries run out before you’re able to replace them, you can always use the two physical keys to gain entry. But there’s also an emergency micro-USB port on the underside of the lock. Temporarily power up the TL111 using a battery bank, live USB port, phone charger — any power source with a micro-USB port.

Gorgeous aesthetics. User-friendly accessibility. Enhanced durability. Complete access control. This is the TurboLock TL111 — security, turbocharged.

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100 reviews for TurboLock TL-111 Keyless Smart Door Lock

  1. Amanda Peik

    Although it may be a bit difficult to install, once completed, this object is quite durable

  2. Cass

    I have two gates outside and one on my back door. They function well but only need battery replacements occasionally.

  3. Aurealous

    I have installed two of these doorknobs in my home and I love them. However, I have a complaint about the set screw that holds the interior knob in place. The instructions say there are three set screws, but it looks like all three need to be removed based on the illustrations. Actually, on newer models, the screw that holds the interior knob in place is reverse threaded. This means you need to turn it clockwise to loosen it and pull it out. Then, you can insert the spindle and tighten the screw so that it grips the inside of the knob. Check out the images for further clarification.

  4. Mr T H Maupin

    This door knob feels really safe and sturdy. It’s easy to install and set up. What I like about it is that it comes with backup keys in case the battery runs out. Overall, I think it’s an excellent product and I would definitely buy it again.

  5. Tirra

    I loves their new door knob, but has a complaint. The batteries didn’t last a year even with minimal use and good batteries. They find it inconvenient to need a tool to open the front knob to change the batteries, especially since they couldn’t find the tool that came with it. When they contacted customer service, the representative was unhelpful. They explained that they needed to change the batteries because the lock keypad died and their lock wasn’t working. The representative told them to send in the doorknob for repair, which wasn’t practical. I ended up buying the necessary tool and changing the batteries themselves, but they were dissatisfied with the customer service and want an easier way to change batteries.

  6. Tstevenson

    I highly recommend this product for its price. It works really well and I am satisfied with my purchase.

  7. Kathleen Connors


  8. Mamacat

    Initially, it was challenging for me to comprehend the process of dismantling the lock, but eventually, I was able to figure it out and successfully complete the task.

  9. GE

    I bought something but it didn’t work and was broken. However, I really liked how it looked so I decided to return it and get a new one. The new one works perfectly fine and I am happy with it.

  10. Naturalez

    I really like this lock! Not only fashionable, but much better than using a key. Highly recommended!

  11. Kindle Customer

    I Like it

  12. Krystal

    This is a new knob setup that I wasn’t used to, but I ended up liking it. It has different numbers on it than what I was previously familiar with.

  13. Janet

    I had to replace these knobs twice and needs to be replaced again in a years time. The knobs either pull off or the code that you program on the locks stops working.

  14. PETER J

    This product is terrible and not worth your time or money. The Bluetooth connection is weak and only works if your phone is within 2 feet of it. The app constantly disconnects and prompts you to reset the factory settings, even if you haven’t made any changes yet. It seems like a cheap product with low quality. Additionally, Amazon sold me an item that had already been opened, but charged me as if it was new. It’s clear that whoever returned it had the same issues I did. Overall, I would not recommend this product.

  15. ZHAO

    The product is easy to install and works really well, which makes me very happy and satisfied with my purchase.

  16. jshort

    To increase security, it is recommended to use a 6-digit code instead of a shorter one. However, this may make the code longer and potentially more difficult to remember.

  17. John Galt

    Before making my purchase, I checked out the comments on the product and didn’t encounter any of the problems that others have faced. The product was delivered promptly, and installation and programming were a breeze. I am pleased with my experience and will likely purchase more of these products for other doors that require upgrading.

  18. Michael T.

    The app is not easy to install by oneself and is of poor quality

  19. Anthony Burkeen

    This door is strong and durable, giving me a sense of security that my previous door knob didn’t. It’s also great not having to worry about carrying keys. I can easily give others the code to unlock the door when they are house sitting, eliminating the need to exchange keys and causing unnecessary stress.

  20. Website Customer

    This product is of good quality and has a reasonable price. It exceeds expectations and there is no need to ask for more.

  21. BX

    Amazing lock

  22. Mike Stewart

    Very well made. Lock fits in slot snug.

  23. Andrew

    The handle is good, but it didn’t function properly on my door

  24. TIna

    I is expressing their disappointment with a previous Turbolock they purchased from the company and wishes they could receive a refund. They found the previous lock to be of poor quality and not sturdy. However, they are satisfied with the stay open feature on the new lock they have received.

  25. Coffee lover

    This lock is great! I love the keypad on top of the knob – it’s a smart design. It’s also easy to install, but make sure you read the instructions. It’s an extra layer of security for your home and makes things more convenient for you as the homeowner.

  26. Leslie Marin

    I bought a great product, and I liked it so much that I decided to buy another one two months later. However, the interior knob of the first product I purchased had a defect, the hex screw was not made correctly. Although it was still working, when I ordered the second one, I realized that the problem existed. Initially, the manufacturer asked me to take a picture of the defect and stated that they would then send me a replacement part. However, they later changed their mind and asked me to return the defective part, leaving my door knob incomplete. When I complained, they suggested I uninstall the entire knob to return it. This was a hassle, so I ordered another one, swapped the part, and returned the defective product. I would still buy the product again, but the customer service was not good.

  27. Website Customer


  28. Deborah A Arman

    This lock is awesome! It works great and is a total game changer for the price. The only hard part was putting it together. But after some trial and error, I got really good at it. The second time I bought this lock, I had it all set up and working in just 20 minutes, even after removing the old door knob.

  29. James Grant

    This lock is a great find because there aren’t many digital “knobs” with wifi options available. While there are plenty of options for deadbolts, finding a suitable lock for a knob can be challenging. Fortunately, this lock has all the features you could want and will definitely make any homeowner happy with their choice.

  30. connie d.

    Does what it needs to do

  31. Suzanne

    Entrance door security

  32. Mark S

    This product is great! It’s really easy to install and program. I managed to replace two in less than an hour. It’s perfect for use in rooms where you want some extra privacy and security. Overall, it’s a good choice if you want to keep your indoor space safe and secure.

  33. Kindle Customer

    This lock worked well for the purpose I needed it for. It is used to secure our gate


    This knob is a great investment because it is both affordable and reliable. It comes with the added convenience of having backup keys in case you forget the code. The installation process is straightforward and easy to understand. Additionally, the knob is made from high-quality materials that make it durable and able to withstand wear and tear over an extended period of time.

  35. Z. Whitfield

    This garage door opener is great! It only requires a six-digit code to open, so you don’t need to worry about losing or forgetting your keys. It’s really convenient for when you’re out and about.

  36. Aaron L Jones

    Love this! Easy to use and keeps my room secure.

  37. md

    I haven’t used the app yet, so I’ll come back to update my review later. However, the door knob is exactly as described and very sturdy. It was also simple to install. It’s the best door knob I’ve ever had!

  38. C. Snyder

    I purchased two high-quality door handles for my rental property. Each tenant is assigned a unique code that can easily be reset when their lease expires. This eliminates the need to track down tenants for keys or incur additional costs to change locks. I have also installed a lockbox with spare keys for each door in case the batteries on the door handles die.

  39. JS

    Before unlocking the gate, it is important to take note of the cable inside the handle. The cable is delicate and can snap without warning, so handle the lock with care. Despite this, the lock has been functioning properly in opening and closing the gate. Remember to be cautious when using the lock to prevent any damage to the cable.

  40. Kate

    This product is easy to install and comes at a great price. The setup process is fast and the instructions are straightforward and easy to follow. Overall, it’s a fantastic product.

  41. Sherry Culhane

    As someone who has always been worried about the security of my backyard, which has a pool and outdoor TVs, I found it bothersome to give out keys to the gardener and pool service man. With traditional locks, there was always a risk of them losing the keys, and when I switched to a new service, I had to change the locks. However, I found a solution by replacing the old manual lock on my side gate with a digital lock. This allowed me to give out access codes to those who needed them, eliminating the need for physical keys. I am extremely satisfied with this product and feel much more secure about my backyard now.

  42. Reeelove

    with it overall. The knob feels strong and well-made, which is impressive. However, I have only used it indoors and I am uncertain how it would hold up in a cold garage or similar environment. Nonetheless, I am pleased with its quality and overall performance.

  43. esther

    This item is very strong, but I am having difficulty getting it to function properly with my mobile phone.

  44. Danny D.

    I couldn’t finish the installation because the wire was damaged. I attempted to get a replacement, but I couldn’t find one.

  45. esp60174

    Easy to install, works good.

  46. Gregory OR

    Returned customer for the 2nd set for my office. Good product

  47. Diane

    I bought a code-operated lock for my elderly father who has trouble with his hands. He used to drop his keys a lot, but now he just punches in his code to unlock the door. He’s very happy with it because he won’t get locked out anymore. The installation process took some effort, but it was worth it because my dad finds it very easy to use.

  48. Gunpoint

    Great product

  49. Sam

    Please ensure that the quality of the product is excellent and will stand the test of time. We’ll only know if this is true through time.

  50. Trixyriver

    This lock feels strong and was easy to install. It looks good and works well. I chose this lock because it can handle hot climates due to its temperature range. So far, it’s working perfectly, but we’ll see how it holds up over time.

  51. Leonard Mah

    I have found a great keyless door knob that is incredibly easy to install and use. It allows for up to three codes and one administrator code, as well as the ability to create a one-off code if needed. The accompanying App makes opening the door from my smartphone a breeze, eliminating the need to remember or enter a code. My family and I are thoroughly enjoying the convenience of not having to search for a key or worry about our kids having it with them.

  52. James Brown

    Consider purchasing quality batteries rather than opting for a cheaper alternative. Additionally, there could be an issue with the application, although this experience may be unique to me.

  53. James Dillon

    I found a suitable door knob for my shop’s exterior that works perfectly. I appreciate the feature that allows it to stay unlocked.

  54. Sherrylynn, WA

    This is a fantastic product that can be easily installed. To complete the installation process, all you need is a six digit code, which is very simple to obtain. Additionally, the product is offered at an affordable price.

  55. Electa V

    I really like this lock! However, I only gave it 4 out of 5 stars because I had trouble installing the middle screw. The instructions were okay, but they didn’t mention that I had to turn the screw anti-clockwise to tighten it upward. Once I figured that out, the screw was tight and the lock worked great.

  56. Wendy

    I’ve been struggling to keep my daughters with special needs safe because they wander out of our house. But I found a solution that works for us! I installed a keypad on the interior side of our exterior doors. It’s much easier to use than a key, deadbolt, or latch, which my daughters have figured out how to open. Now I can just close the door and know that they can’t open it. Plus, I can put it in “mute” mode to prevent my daughters from playing with it too much. The only downsides are that the wires are delicate, one unit doesn’t fit rechargeable batteries, and one unit has a small gap that bothers me aesthetically.

  57. Bethany Scott

    I like the door handle! Bit works great! I loved that I could mute the beeps! My dog was totally freaked out by the beeps when you enter the combo

  58. Jessica

    No comment

  59. clare rydesky

    Easy to install, looks nice

  60. AJ

    I purchased this product a few months ago and have it installed since then. So far it works well.

  61. Mary

    The product arrived incomplete, which makes it impossible to install

  62. Website Customer

    and straightforward. It works perfectly and has exceeded my expectations.

    I am very pleased with this product. It was simple to install and the instructions were clear and easy to follow. It functions flawlessly and has surpassed my initial expectations.

  63. jackie mccreary

    Easy operation

  64. Sue Whisler

    At first, it was a bit tricky to disassemble, but once you got the hang of it, the installation process was simple. It only took a minute to figure out how to take it apart, but after that, it was a breeze to install.

  65. Susan

    Every two weeks the batteries would die. Very unhappy with the purchase.

  66. Hemo

    This door knob is fantastic for security. It’s simple to install and functions perfectly

  67. Tara Salisbury

    I encountered issues with hex head screws and had to make the hole bigger by tapping it out. This was done because the screw had stripped out and couldn’t be used anymore. After the hole was made bigger, the problem was fixed and the customer was happy with the result.

  68. Michelle Renee Simonton

    Using them on a rental properties near a University Campus. Now, I don’t have to worry about tenants losing their keys. Works great!!

  69. Website Customer

    Initially hesitant about buying a door lock with mixed reviews for $70, we were pleasantly surprised by how much we love it. One great feature is the ability to silence the beeps and keep the lock unlocked if desired. Installation was smooth, but changing the code was a bit frustrating until we downloaded the app, which made it easy. After using the lock to change the passcode, it showed low battery, but changing the batteries didn’t solve the problem until we put the first set back in and waited a minute. Since then, we’ve been using it daily without any issues. It’s a great purchase for keeping kids out of our room and preventing them from borrowing things without permission.

  70. joy2quilt

    This lock is well-built and has a great fit and finish. The design of how it comes together is well thought out. It also has excellent programming. However, none of that matters because the lock stops working after just a week of normal household use. I initially thought it was due to bad batteries, so I changed them twice. I even tried rechargeable batteries, hoping I could connect a power bank to it when it starts to die. Unfortunately, this lock will inevitably leave you either locked in or out, forcing you to use the key, which defeats the purpose of having a smart lock. Maybe I received a defective one, but in 2023, you only get one chance with products, and I’m moving on.

  71. Maurice R Robson

    The product was not working out of the box. Returned and reordered another one. Looks pretty good and solid lock. Idea is great. Just need to get a working one. Well packaged.

  72. Guadalupe Gomez

    This doorknob is great! I’ve told all my friends about it because it’s simple to install, easy to use, and resetting it is a breeze.

  73. Brice Long


  74. Jordan

    The instructions didn’t tell us that we should leave one screw in place and unscrew it once we put the cover on. This caused some difficulty for us. Additionally, we needed tweezers to pull the wires through and attach them. Despite these challenges, we really like this doorknob/keypad. It’s perfect for my 100-year-old door because I don’t want to drill additional holes like other keyless entry units require. It’s easy to program and you don’t have to worry about locking the door – it automatically locks when it’s closed. I highly recommend it.

  75. Toby Martinez

    This item is perfect for keeping roommates out of a room, as well as for outdoor use. It is easy to set up and provides great value for its price. Additionally, the square shape is quite appealing.

  76. Joseph A Bouley

    I bought a 2 pack of brushed nickel knobs with Bluetooth and I absolutely love them! They’re made with heavy gauge metal and are easy to operate. The only downside is that the inside knob isn’t mounted securely – it’s just held in place with a set screw that has reverse threads. To make sure the handle doesn’t come off and damage the battery box and wires inside, I took it upon myself to drill a small hole and add another screw. Despite this minor issue, overall it’s a great knob system!

  77. JB

    The installation directions were simple, and I was able to program it in just a few minutes. It’s working perfectly! Just be aware that when programming, you need to press two buttons together, which is indicated by a plus sign.

  78. Joy

    The WiFi App is not functioning properly and is preventing you from registering or unlocking the knob.

  79. theresa austin

    I’ve tried a few different outdoor combo locks, but this one is by far the best. It’s more expensive than some of its competitors, but it’s definitely worth it if you need it for outdoor use. One thing that sets it apart is the keypad on the upside of the handle, making it very inconspicuous. Plus, it’s waterproof and I haven’t had to replace the batteries yet. The recharge feature is also a nice touch. Overall, I highly recommend this lock.

  80. Good

    Everything with my device seems to be functioning properly except for the Bluetooth pairing to the app. I have taken the initiative to search for possible solutions by Googling all potential pairing issues and attempting a manual reset. Unfortunately, I am still unable to utilize the Bluetooth pairing feature within the app.

  81. Junior Beltre Nu?ez

    I have been using this item for more than a year now and have not encountered any issues. It is user-friendly and visually appealing. Although I have not had the need to change the batteries yet, it only takes approximately five minutes to do so.

  82. Bricedude

    I managed to install and program the device on my door without any assistance. It fits perfectly and feels very secure. I am pleased with how sturdy it looks and the buttons are easy to use. Overall, it seems to be a reliable and safe option.

  83. Jerry

    No longer need to carry keys anymore.

  84. grandma s

    This product was a great deal for me as it offered good value for the money spent. Installing it was easy and similar to other installations. I installed it on my office door and my family of six uses it daily. So far, it has been working great without any issues.

  85. TarHeelChica

    This knob is made from strong and durable materials, so it’s very sturdy. I was pleasantly surprised by how well it was made. Even my 2-year-old enjoys playing with it without causing any damage. The keypad on top makes it easy to enter the code. Installing it was a breeze.

  86. Julie

    This product is a great deal for the price! I especially appreciate the added feature of having an emergency key. This has been very helpful for me.

  87. Gregory Hall

    it is difficult with someone who has hands full of arthritis to grab and open. It works well. We live in a doublewide mobile home and we cannot open the glass screen door from the outside if the doors are shut from the inside.

  88. Geraldine Boone

    It stops working after my kid splashed water on it.

  89. Geez

    My husband and I got a new lock that was really easy to install. The best part about it is that we don’t have to bend down to enter the code – we can just look down and see it. This is especially helpful since we’re older and it can be hard to bend down or see small numbers. Overall, we’re really happy with our new lock!

  90. OntJets09

    My college age son was able to easily install this lock on his bedroom door in his shared apartment. He can give the code out to anyone he wants and change it easily. The lock works quietly and smoothly. As a dad, I’m really impressed with how much value we got for the price.

  91. C. and S. Johnson

    I purchased this door knob for my backdoor instead of buying a smart lock because I already have Schlage locks that connect with Smartthings and Alexa. The installation process was easy, and the door knob feels sturdy and closes smoothly. The only difference is that this door knob requires a six digit passcode for entry, while my other door knobs only need four digits. Overall, it’s a great product for a reasonable price, and I installed it in August 2020.

  92. JohnDubya

    I have a special door knob on the inside of my bedroom which requires a code to exit. My daughter has autism and has a tendency to escape the house, which is very scary for me as she doesn’t understand the danger of being alone outside. I have had various safety measures in place over the years, but this door knob has been the most effective. It’s difficult to use a padlock in the middle of the night, so this knob is much easier for me to operate. As long as I don’t let my daughter see me enter the code, she can’t escape. If she does figure it out, I can change the code. This door knob has made me feel much better about my daughter’s safety and I plan to buy more for the doors leading outside. Although it’s not meant to keep people out, I have other locks for that purpose.

  93. Jill Scherting Kulick

    Installing and using this product is a simple task. It’s not difficult at all

  94. Verified Buyer

    This product is very good and the batteries last a long time. However, the only issue I have is that the screws tend to loosen easily.

  95. Michell Contreras

    This knob is great because it’s square and easier to hold onto with slippery hands. It also has a number pad on top so people don’t have to bend over to see the buttons. This is especially helpful for older people with weaker grips. However, the problem is that the knob comes in pieces and needs to be fully assembled with small hex screws. The screws don’t fit into holes and are only held together by friction, which means that over time, the knob could fall apart. To prevent this, use threadlocker on every screw to keep them tight and secure. Without threadlocker, the knob may come apart due to vibrations and use.

  96. Mister Mr

    I bought a lock for my bedroom door and it was simple to install. It’s functioning properly and I am pleased with my purchase. It can store up to 9 codes, although it’s only me using it. I would definitely purchase it again.

  97. Nicole

    So far so Great,

  98. Kessel One

    I recently purchased a locking system to install on my indoor closet door for storing medicines and other valuable items. It has been a great investment as it provides an added layer of security. What I particularly like about it is the light-up keypad, which comes in handy in low-light situations. The keypad is also very sturdy and responsive, making it quick and easy to enter the code and unlock the door. Setting it up was a breeze, with clear instructions that made the process as easy as swapping out a doorknob. So far, I have had no issues with this product.

  99. Kim

    The lock on my door has stopped working after almost two years. It doesn’t light up or make any noise when I try to use it. I tried changing the battery, but that didn’t help. However, when I plugged in a battery backup, it worked fine. But as soon as I unplugged it, the lock stopped working again. The next day, it suddenly started working again, but only for one day. I changed the batteries again, but it still doesn’t work. The lock worked well for two years, but the inside knob was always loose. I have to buy a new one because my family is used to it.

  100. Jay

    This product is user-friendly and has a convenient backup key feature. It looks stylish and is not too bulky. The buttons are located at the top of the door knob which is great for tall people, as they don’t have to bend over to see the numbers. This feature also prevents others from easily watching you enter your code. The sound effects can be turned off if they are bothersome, but the mechanics of using the code still make some noise. Overall, this is a great product that is easy to install and provides added security.

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