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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… And with Christmas comes shopping, planning for dinner and parties, and so much more. With the holiday hustle and bustle in full swing, you’re busier than ever! This year, rely on TurboLock’s range of security products to make your holidays a little more merry and bright.

Brownie Points with the Neighbor

It happens every year. Your neighbor rushes over to ask for a favor some December afternoon: can I use your garage? Somehow, the smaller the kids, the bigger the toys and those gargantuan boxes are impossible to disguise. With TurboLock, you can help your neighbor out without being inconvenienced; just use the app to send your neighbor a temporary key that’ll last all season. They’ll be able to pop in through the side door and stash presents at your place, so all the toys and gifts will still be a surprise come Christmas morning. And speaking of gifts…

Give the Gift of Peace of Mind

TurboLock offers an array of products designed to provide smart security for your home or business. With the YL-99, a digital locking system is built right into the knob for effortless installation. There are also the TL-100 and TL-200 locks that offer even more features. The best part is, all TurboLock products connect to the app available for both iOS and Android phones. Any of these locks would make a great asset for just about any home, business, or property-owner. What greater gift could you give besides peace of mind?

Install a Revolving Door (Well Almost)

With holiday parties, get-togethers with friends, or even family gatherings, sometimes you wish you could install a revolving door so people could come and go as they please without needing keys or doorbells. With our locks, you’ll have the next best thing: a specialized feature called Passive Mode. With this feature on, using the lock is as simple as pressing a key on the keypad, so all your guests can get in and out while you stay focused on hosting.

These are just a few ways TurboLock can help add to your festivities this season! With each lock, you’re sure to discover even more features that’ll give your home or business a boost whether it’s the holidays or every day.

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