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Closeup of the TL117 installed on a standard wood door.

Top Tips to Make Your Smart Lock Setup Smarter, Safer and Better

Say goodbye to traditional locks that require a key for access to your property. Let Turbolock smart locks make your home smarter, more secured than ever. Using smart locks offers a host of advantages, from never losing your keys to giving out-of-town guests emergency access. Smart deadbolt locks, like the TL116 and TL117, can offer a peace of mind. And with just a little bit of extra work, you can make your home even more secure.

Here’s how:

Layer Your Entry Security to Cover All Bases

Take full advantage of Bluetooth® to assign unique passcodes for each user. Introduce smart locks that don’t depend on WiFi on the back and side entrances to your home. WiFi-based systems could fail if your Internet or electricity goes out, e.g., during a thunderstorm. With a Bluetooth-enabled lock, so long as your smartphone is paired with the lock and powered up, you’ll always have entry access.

Turbolock Tip: Turbolocks come with a micro-USB on the underside of the lock, which can be used to temporarily power the lock, should the battery run out.

Closeup of the underside of a TL116/117 lock, showing the micro-USB port.
No battery juice left? No problem! Charge up the Turbolock temporarily with an external battery pack.

Start with Bluetooth-Enabled Smart Locks

Choose a Bluetooth®-powered smart lock, like the app-enabled TL115 with keypad. It gives you multiple ways to gain entry access  and traditional locking mechanism so you can use your phone to open the door and send passcodes to family members, guests, the dog sitter and your cousin Jeff, who is indefinitely crashing on the couch.

It also provides hassle-free entry for tenants and vacation renters for properties you own or manage. At the same time, you have the option of giving physical keys to less tech-savvy family members. (But maybe not give a copy of the key to Jeff!)

For a more streamlined look, consider the TL111 Pro, a smart doorknob with the keypad on the knob. This futuristic-looking device may appeal to those with a modern aesthetic. And you can still use a traditional key in a pinch.

Improve Your Keyless Home Security With Backup Power

There are two ways to provide backup power to your Turbolock smart locks and doorknobs.

  1. Some models come with a USB port that you can use to recharge the batteries long enough to get inside your home. The ports are typically located on the underside of the lock. Remember to replace the batteries as quickly as possible to avoid future issues.
  2. Invest in an emergency backup battery pack compatible with your smart lock. If the batteries die, connect the built-in battery to the emergency backup battery pack so you can get inside your home — and change the batteries.

NOTE: To use the micro-USB ports, you need the admin password for the lock.

Make Your Smart Lock System Better by Protecting All Entryways

You can secure your entire home by installing smart locks on every door. That way, if tenants or Airbnb guests exit without locking the door, you’re fully covered.

Tip: Consider a keyless lock that stores the codes directly on the lock, such as the TL114, on at least one entryway if you would like a physical backup.

Closeup of a man opening the TL114/TL115 Smartbolt Digital deadbolt.
The Turbolock TL114/TL115 Smartbolt: Not just for front doors.

Flexible Locks Are Smarter and Give Guest Options

Although smart locks improve the security of your home and convenience for guests, there are some drawbacks that you should take into account. Weather and other events sometimes cause power or internet interruptions. If you rely solely on WiFi-enabled smart locks, this could become an issue. (This is why we recommend Bluetooth®-enabled smart locks!)

Choosing a mechanized smart lock such as the TL116/117 or TL-201 gives you the option of hiding a physical key for emergencies. Since these locks still have a traditional lock and key mechanism, you can cater to guest choices. For example, some guests may prefer a traditional entry, or you may have caretakers who aren’t keen on downloading an app for keyless entry access.

Fortify Your Smart Lock System with Passcode Maintenance

Obviously, you want your home to look nice. (Maybe not too nice, so as not to invite getting burgled!) So keeping up with the maintenance of your digital locks might include cleaning them and keeping them cleaned. But that’s not the sort of maintenance we’re talking about. Instead, we’re talking about passcode maintenance.

Passcode maintenance means using a password that isn’t easily guessable. That includes changing the default Admin passcode as soon as you install the lock (or reset the lock) and never using a code that has what we call “public significance.” That includes, but is not limited to, birthdays, anniversaries, numeric versions of your name. Any someone could guess if they knew the slightest bit of info about you.

Security Tip: People will often use elements of numerology to convert their name into a sequence of numbers. E.g., EDWARD becomes 545194. This might seem clever, trust us: it’s common enough as to be completely unsecure. DON’T DO THIS.

Closeup up woman using the keypad to enter her code on the TL115 Smartbolt
The Turbolock TL115 Smartbolt with Turbolock Plus app for unlimited eKeys!

Passcode maintenance also means changing your Admin passcode regularly. Having a rotating set of Admin passcodes significantly increases the difficulty in guessing the code. And keep track of the user passcodes you hand out to others. If that person no longer needs entry access, delete that passcode!

(And after 5 failed passcode attempts, Turbolock keypads will go into Security Lockout mode for 15 minutes. During which, the smart lock can only be unlocked with the physical keys.)

You Can Do This!

Keeping your home secured is easier than ever before. Staying secured is even easier. If you have questions about how to install, charge or use your Turbolock smart locks, there are several ways to get help. Refer to our online FAQs, use the chat box on the Turbolock website or call us at  1-855-850-8031.

With all the options for assistance and a little determination, even Jeff could figure it out!

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