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Tips for a Turbo Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for gatherings with friends and family and, with any such get-together, your home’s bound to be busier than ever. TurboLock’s array of smart home security products will make sure there’s one or two less things to worry about during the upcoming holidays.

Prep for All Those Arrivals

TurboLock models like the TL-99 and the TL-100 include a special, built-in feature called Passive Mode. With this mode on, your guests can come right on in and get settled at home or beeline to the kitchen to help with final preparations! There’s no need for spare keys or issuing dozens of digital codes for everyone. Focus on the festivities and then turn the mode off with just the press of a few keys once it’s no longer needed.

Make Things Easiest for the Elders

Even in the digital age, not everyone relies on phones for everything. Fortunately, locks like the TL-100 come with mini keycards called MIFI cards. If grandma and grandpa stay over, you can give them MIFI cards for easy unlocking without using a phone or long codes. Once they have the cards, all they have to do is press anywhere on the keypad and hold the card nearby. It’s that easy!

Reward Adventurers with E-Keys

While some endure turkey-induced food comas, others somehow find the energy to head out after diner and brave the Black Friday build-up. Stores are opening earlier than ever for this monolithic retail holiday and what’s a host to do when folks return in the early hours of the morning? E-keys are the answer. Reward those few adventurous souls with e-keys so all they’ll need to do is open the app, hit a key on the keypad, and slip in without waking the whole house. And if there’s TL-500 parking lock outside, an e-keys for that means pulling into the driveway and parking, no sweat.

Rely On Your Neighbors

If you’re traveling home for Thanksgiving, the last thing you want to worry about is your house. Unfortunately, holiday travelers’ empty houses are often targets for questionable characters. Even if you remember this as soon as you get to your gate at the airport, just pull out your phone. Generate a code in seconds and send it along with a text or last-minute call. You’re sure to have peace of mind while you’re away as your trusted neighbor or friend easily checks on your house while you’re away.

Manage Your Home While Away

Just about every TurboLock product connects to the easy-to-use app available for most Android and iOS smartphones. With the app, traveling will be a snap. Fly out for the holidays and rent your house in the meantime. E-keys can be sent via the app from anywhere in the world so you can spend less time worrying about guests and more time exploring all new cultures elsewhere in the world. The best part? Once your guests depart, e-key permissions can be revoked so your home is secure by the time you return.

With these features and more, turbo charge your home this Thanksgiving!
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