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YL-99ss How to Install in 7 Minutes

Quick & Easy: How to install a smart lock in 7 minutes

Smart locks provide a new layer to your home security system beyond the obvious benefit of not needing to find your house key when it’s almost always at the bottom of your gym bag. Security Anthropologist Schuyler Towne suggests that the bold engineering and wide accessibility of today’s smart lock home tech products make it easier than ever to secure your front door. Ditch your deadbolt from the olden days and upgrade one of the most frequently used elements of your home.

Keyless entry door locks are rapidly becoming a standard smart home feature, and you can easily make this happen in your house for under $50 with the TurboLock YL-99-SS. With the assortment of home tech products expanding every year, wireless door locks are definitely at the top of list when it comes to the most instant gratification for your smart home investment. You will definitely enjoy the benefits of extra time from keyless entry on a daily basis! I know I have.

Optimize your installation strategy

We wanted to provide a quick and easy step-by-step tutorial for smart lock installation of the TurboLock YL-99-SS. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting home with your new toy to become instantly confused about how to put it together.  So we put together a detailed tutorial coupled with some stress-free diagrams that you can use to follow along.

Take inventory of the necessary parts

We recommend installing your TurboLock smart lock as soon as you open it, so that there’s no fuss keeping track of the inventory of parts. Some fit easily in the palm of your hand making them easy to lose and almost instantly becoming a choking hazard for your toddler or a shiny, fancy dog treat.

Below is a comprehensive list of the necessary parts to install your smart lock for easy, keyless entry. If you’d like, you can refer to page 13 of your user manual for a visual diagram indicating the parts and their descriptions so you have everything you need to get started.

Parts we provide:

Turbolock manual

What you’ll need:

A drill kit

Pencil for marking


4 AAA batteries

1. Mark your work. Use the provided template to mark a hole where the drilling will occur. Be sure to include the markings on both the inside and outside of the door at the required backset, or space between the edge of the door and center of the circle.

2. Drill holes. Make a 2-inch diameter hole on the face of the door. Then, drill a 1-inch hole on the door edge that intersects with the center of the 2-inch hole on the face. This should be fairly simple if you use the template.

3. Install the latch. Insert the latch into the 1-inch hole on the edge of the door and mark a line around the edges of the latch plate. Now remove the latch. Chisel approximately 0.1 inches deep in the rectangular shape indicated on the marking you just made so that your latch sits flush with the door edge for ease when opening and closing your door. Lastly, insert the latch back into the 1-in hole and drill (2) screws above and below to secure it in place.

4. Install the strike:

Mark your work. Close the door and find mark the horizontal center of the latch where it meets the door frame. Mark a vertical line where the door edge meets the frame and measure the halfway point of door thickness to find it vertical center. Extend both horizontal and vertical lines until they intersect and drill a 1-inch diameter hole to 0.1 inch depth.

Position the strike. Position the strike plate and mark around the edge. Chisel te frame to approximately 0.1 inch of depth or until the strike sits flush. Drill (2) screws into the (2) holes and fix strike to the frame.

5. Install the outdoor knob. Feed the power cable through the provided hole in the latch and guide the spindle through until the outdoor rose plate sits flush.

6. Install the indoor knob. Feed the power cable through the hole in the knob and guide the spindle into the handle. Screw the indoor knob to the outdoor knob using the mounting screws provided.

7. Plug in the battery box. Insert the power cable into the battery box and position it in line with the cover screw holes.

8. Install indoor cover plate. Position the indoor cover plate over the battery box and align with the screw holes. Fasten the screws to secure the cover plate onto the indoor knob.

Our favorite features of the TurboLock YL-99-SS

At $49.99, the TurboLock YL-99-SS is one of the most affordable smart locks available, but don’t be fooled by the price tag. It is equipped with everything you need to enter your home without digging for your keys. We’ve all experienced the stress of low or dead phone batteries. There is none of that with TurboLock because the 4 AAA batteries last up to a year, but in the need of extra power there is a backup pack that plugs right into the bottom of the knob.

The smart is truly built into the lock. With automatic locking, you won’t have to wonder if your door is locked when you are comfortable in bed at the end of the night. There are 10 user-specific programmable codes for even the largest of households, and of course one master code for the head of the home who reigns supreme on choosing acceptable houseguests with anytime access.

Coming in July! TurboLock TL-100 and TL-200 Bluetooth Smart Locks

Stay tuned for the upcoming releases of the 2 newest products of our TurboLock smart home technology. Our Bluetooth-enabled smart deadbolts will hook up to an easy-to-manage app directly on your iOS or Android device for handheld access and security to your safest space. Launching July 1st!

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