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Smart Door Lockset Combo- Bluetooth Deadbolt + Keypad App & TL115+TL121, Brushed Nickel




  • TWO-IN-ONE ACCESS CONTROL — Combines the TL115 single-cylinder keypad deadbolt with the TL121 doorknob and thumb-latch entrance handle. Voice prompts guide you through simple usage and set-up process. Works on left- or right-hinged doors.
  • SMART SECURITY, TIMELESS DESIGN — Modern meets classic in this keyless entry door lock with thumb-latch front door handle combo. The expert craftsmanship is beautiful, weather-ready, and complements most exterior architectures.




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TURBOLOCK App-Enabled Deadbolt & Entry Handle Combo — The Smarter Solution

TURBOLOCK App-Enabled Deadbolt & Entry Handle Combo — The Smarter Solution

Advanced security and total access control you can rely on from the Bluetooth-enabled TL115 smart deadbolt with matching TL121 thumb-latch entry handle from TURBOLOCK. Unlock your door using your phone, the digital keypad or physical key. Share entry access to trusted friends, family members, coworkers — even maintenance workers and other home service providers. All without stressing over lost keys.

Perfect for residential homeowners, small business owners, rental property management and short-term rental hosts (e.g., AirBnB). Each new resident, guest or temporary tenant can receive their own unique passcode. And with the app, you’re given even more control over who enters your home or property, and when.

Security That Won’t Sacrifice Curb Appeal

The TL121 front entrance handle is made from hardened steel and treated with no-fade zinc oxide that delivers unwavering durability that sun- and rust-resistant. It works perfectly with the TL115 Bluetooth deadbolt — and looks magnificent doing it. Just need a “dum my handle?” Use the TL121 without the included latch mechanism. Perfect when you simply want an aesthetically pleasing way to open a doorway that doesn’t detract from your home or office architecture. The deadbolt and handle’s expert craftsmanship is certified IP65, able to withstand direct water sprays, ice damming and general contact with water.

Take Comfort Knowing You’re Secured

With three ways to engage the TL115, securing your home or office couldn’t be easier. Use the physical key like a traditional lock. Or program up to 10 keypad passcodes (9 user + 1 admin). Even download the TURBOLOCK PLUS app and connect the lock to your smartphone via Bluetooth to use unlimited eKeys.

As an added precaution, you must manually use the thumb-turn, even when using eKeys or keypad passcodes to lock and unlock the door.

This helps take the guesswork out of whether you remembered to lock the door. An additional security lockout feature disables the TL115’s keypad lock after five incorrect entry attempts in a row. (The physical key can still be used to unlock the door.)

We know that protecting your property and your family is your top priority — because it’s ours too.

Total App Control — Smarter, Safer Security

Download the TURBOLOCK PLUS app on a compatible iOS or Android device and unlock even more ways to manage your security. For your protection, you can’t lock and unlock the TL115 from a remote location. But you can monitor and manage your Turbolock from anywhere in the world. Share unlimited eKeys with those you trust. After downloading TURBOLOCK PLUS on their smartphone, they can be granted entry access — but on your terms. Schedule their eKeys. Limit the number of uses. Even revoke access altogether. This is security that you control.

Directly from the Lock You Can:

  • Credit/Edit Master Admin Passcodes
  • Create/Edit User Keypad Passcodes
  • Lock/Unlock with Passcode
  • Engage Passive Mode
  • Mute/Unmute Lock
  • Reset the Lock

(Deadbolt thumb-turn must be manually turned when locking/unlocking the TL115 using passcodes)


With the TURBOLOCK PLUS App You Can:

  • Unlock while in Bluetooth range (approx. 30’) Engage directly with the lock while in Bluetooth range (approx. 30’)
  • Mute/Unmute while in Bluetooth range (approx. 30’) Reset lock while in Bluetooth range (approx. 30’)
  • Share and manage eKeys from anywhere in the world View unlock records from anywhere in the world Manage user access from anywhere in the world

(Deadbolt thumb-turn must be manually turned when locking/unlocking the TL115 using the app)

While you’re in Bluetooth range, you can engage the lock with the app — no key or code needed

As Simple as Open, Click, Turn

While you’re in Bluetooth range, you can engage the lock with the app — no key or code needed. Just open the app, click the lock icon, then turnthe thumb-turn and you’re in. No mess. No fuss.

Leaving and ready to lock the door? Simply twist the deadbolt thumb-turn into the locked position and you’re ready to head out. When properly installed, the deadbolt won’t unlock until a passcode, eKey or physical key is used.

You must manually turn the deadbolt thumb-turn, even after using eKeys or keypad passcodes.

our programmable deadbolt comes with our unique Code Disguise — a Turbolock hallmark feature

Passcode Disguise

The average person can instantly recall a string of 7 digits. That’s why our programmable deadbolt comes with our unique Code Disguise — a Turbolock hallmark feature — that makes it harder for prying eyes to discern your actual entry codes. Add up to 6 extraneous numbers before or after your passcode. This “fake” passcode still engages the lock, but makes it harder for others to discern the code.

For example, if your passcode is 038060, then 12038060765 will unlock the TL116, as will 345038060755 and any other combination that includes 038060.

No Professional Installation Required

The TL115 is easy to use. That’s just a fact. But it’s also easy to install. And the TL121 door handle is no different. In fact, our door and lock combo will fit most standard door sizes between 1 ⅜” and 2” thick, and works with doors that are left- or right-side handling. In just minutes with minimal tools, you’ll be locked and secured and looking good. Need help? Visit our FAQ for step-by-step installation video.

Our expert team of service agents is ready to deliver gold-star customer support. All TurboLock lock set handle hardware is protected for one-year, fully backed by an American company.

Turbocharged Security

Three Backup Keys Included

Ultra-Bright Keypad

Turbocharged Security

A single 9V alkaline battery (included for your convenience) is all it takes power the TL115 for a full year of regular, daily use. Use the micro-USB charging port as a temporary power source in case of emergencies. Tip: Double the life when you use Energizer MAX 9V batteries for up to 2 years of amped-up security!

Three Backup Keys Included

You’ll have plenty of options to gain entry access — all of which you control completely. But some people still love physical keys. So we’ve included three. The physical keys also act as an override, in case the keypad is in Security Lock-Out mode from too many incorrect passcode attempts.

Ultra-Bright Keypad

With bold, smudge-resistant numbers and the backlit keypad, you’ll be able to enter passcodes with reliable accuracy, even in low-light conditions. Tired of the keypress noises? With a simple keypress, you can activate silent mode.

Additional information

Weight 0.0 lbs

Brush Nickel, Bronze

Turbolock App


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